Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Congressional Hopefuls Both Ambivalent About The Top of the Ticket

      Nobody seems to want to embrace their party's candidate for President. Time Warner's Brian Dwyer tried to pin down Dem NY21 candidate Michael Derrick on whether he supporters Hillary Clinton.....He seemed to equivocate saying Mrs. Clinton must be elected because the alternative was so bad. Mr. Derrick didn't seem able to identify reasons beyond that to support her.
      Meanwhile Republican Elise Stefanik has been wishy washy on her support of Donald Trump. The only candidate in the race strongly supporting their party's Presidential candidate seems to be Matt Funiciello supporting Green, Dr. Jill Stein.
     Funny race.


Anonymous said...

Its not news about Stefanik. She knows she can't endorse him too strongly or the libtard press will call her a racist and ask 1,000 follow up questions.

But it is BIG news that the donkey candidate is not standing strongly behind crooked Hillary. The press wouldn't offer a single follow up question if he said he was 100% behind her. Its the VOTERS he has to worry about if he publicly supports her.

Anonymous said...

Tragically, Funicello must also agree that the terrorist group ISIS are not all that bad, they don't pose a threat to the US. These are the good Dr. Stein's worldwide views!

Kinda of like John Kerry saying maybe the media shouldn't be spending so much time talking about terrorism.

Larry, Moe & Curly!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Hard to believe any major office holder or candidate of any party cannot or will not support their party standard bearer at the top of the ticket, and with a straight face, too.

But we are living in tough times, aren't we?