Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Monetizing a Public Job Can Get You in Trouble....Sometimes.

        A former town clerk in Alexandria has been sentenced for taking $26K in town funds over a four year period. It's kind of like these clubs where there is always such a scandal. People ill prepared, with little oversight, no credible press coverage and in a setting where no one else seems interested. 
      Wrong ? Yes ...A betrayal of trust, but you have to figure transgressions are not uncommon in these venues, and it can take many forms.
      In this case, it was a well liked local clerk who has been disgraced late in life and spent a couple years in the barrel awaiting her case to be settled for five years probation and restitution.
       The inabililty of this clerk to properly monetize her post like the Clintons is perhaps her biggest crimes.


Anonymous said...

no different from most places... just she got caught and couldn't spin it right. See you in Price Chopper

Anonymous said...

hmmm... sounds like Parks and Recreation. Or others everywhere. No competent oversight = disappointment.