Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Businesses Eager to See Factory Street Project Complete-Time Warner

     Last night I was driving down the dust bowl called Factory Street and I saw Colesante's closed. Lights out...Never seen that before. George is always open. It was at that point I realized how deep the damage is to these businesses.
    The other day I talked to a furniture store owner...recently another property owner related the story of businesses leaving.
     I'm not here to point fingers or cast blame.....Just to say it's tough when your livelihood is slipping away and those who make the decisions are guaranteed their pay and benefits.
Businesses Eager to See Factory Street Project Complete


Anonymous said...

Not for nothing,but weren't you in charge of the city when that reconstruction contract was signed?

Anonymous said...

Exactly just like the businesses on State St. had to live through. We get it already it is difficult sheesh you are like a song stuck on replay

Anonymous said...

11:52, we get it already. You want to brush over the fact that the factory street project is unique, in that the city allowed it to be turned into a one way street and at times shut down completely. It is unique in that the city allows them to use small crews working short days. They also allowed the Mill Street bridge to be closed down completely, while small crew working short days and short weeks took their time completing the work.