Sunday, August 28, 2016

Billy Won't Be Outdone by Billy....Car Czars Battle in Restaurant Biz

         The portions will likely be huge as auto titan Billy Fucillo says he is reopening the defunct Cafe Mira in downtown Adams as an Italian restaurant. In doing so Mr. Fucillo joins long time car rival Billy Caprara, as the latter recently opened his own eaterie in Henderson Harbor.
        Mr. Fucillo has extensive auto dealerships in Adams and Watertown as well as across the state and elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great, but one tactical error. The dining should be on the lower floor, with sports bar up. Typically people who will hang out in a sports bar don't mind walking up and down stairs. However if you are trying to entice an older crowd, plus families with children with small legs, the climb will create a prob and subsequent loss of revenue.

Car sales, great, but restaurant and retail are a completely different animal with their own set of rules for success.

Best of luck either way, and should be an asset to the community.

Anonymous said...

Good for both Billys, and good for us. They are investing in the towns and cities their employees live in. If they turn a profit they deserve it.

Heard Billy C. doing a radio as for his new place, while promoting other businesses in Henderson too, including other restaurants. Kudos!

dajeep said...

What happened to Caroline Renfro of those Huuuuuge commercials?