Friday, August 26, 2016

Bannon's Past Gets Scrutiny Other Operatives Don't

        The background of candidates is fair game, but is it news if a campaign staffer had a dismissed misdemeanor domestic violence charge twenty years ago ?  It's a full court press again Steven Bannon, the new CEO of the Trump campaign.


hermit thrush said...

such incredible whining from jeff, but then again, this is the sound of losing, so i guess we should be glad for it. bannon isn't just some random staffer, he's the campaign's "ceo" (never mind the stupidity of the fact that campaigns don't have ceo's). and he's never run a campaign before. so of course the press is going to do at least a cursory look into his background. and lo and behold, there's some easy-to-find, patently newsworthy stuff there. so of course the press will report it -- it's obligated to. if bannon had lived a clean life since the domestic violence charge (which, notably, was dismissed because he pressured his wife not to show up in court), then this would blow over right away. but he's a guy who publishes headlines like "would you rather your child had feminism or cancer," so it seems like the story might be part of a pattern. also there's this from jeff's favorite, the ny post:

Bannon had allegedly also earlier told Picccard, who was then his girlfriend and the expectant mother of their twin girls, that he would only agree to marry her if the kids were “normal.”

He married her on April 14, 1995, three days before the twins were born.

“Bannon made it clear that he would not marry me just because I was pregnant. I was scheduled for an amniocentesis and was told by the respondent that if the babies were normal we would get married,” Piccard claimed in a document.

“After the test showed that the babies were normal the respondent sent over a prenuptial agreement for me to review.”

Anonymous said...

Its a corrupt media beyond Nazi Germany that reports something like this.

Anonymous said...

Were you there in the room hermit thrush,do you have such ability to be able to read people's minds?Or are you just going with one biased report,perhaps one angry person's take on your life so squeaky clean?And yet a dismissed charge gets someone raked over the coals like they are a damn murderer..

Anonymous said...

Klittrap, the issue is not even the facts in the case, the issue is the imbalance media assigns to their reporting about the two campaigns. Somewhere, there has to be inside you an ounce of integrity. Keep looking.