Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bam Sends Plane Packed With Cash to Iran.....Can Crazy Don Seize the Moment ?

   Now if Trump can make hay with this....Pallets of greenbacks (actually foreign currency to skirt the law) packed on an unmarked cargo campaign and sent to Tehran on the same day the Iranians released hostages.  Ransom ? No, the Obama Administration says a coincidence...Just returning money seized in 1979....Why cash and not a bank wire transfer ?
    Well, that would be illegal as Iran is still a terrorist state. Packing a plane with $400M in cash, that's OK, they say.
     This is a scandal, and the fact they tried to conceal it is evidence of it.
      Mr. Trump, no more stupid comments about Purple Hears, crying babies or fire marshals.  Talk about this in detail, along with the other scandals involving emails and the Clinton Foundation.
     As they say, there's a lot of meat on this bone.


Anonymous said...

He is being advised by Dumb As Bricks Blondie daughter when he opens his trap. Sad to hear that the RNC Chairman has to plead with the kids to get the old man to shut his piehole. Big brother alludes she is such a strong and independent 'woman' she would never incur sexual harassment. Get your testicle box out boys, not only will you be squeezed by Hilldeabeast, the brothers Trump believe they have been squeezed by their sister. She is as disgusting as her ole man.

It's all coming apart for you establishment RINOS that let this Con come in and bamboozle you!

Anonymous said...

Keep tryin jeff... donald continues to lose more voters daily

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

For a good understanding of this

Wall Street journal rundown.


1. The U.S. flew $400 million stashed inside wooden pallets to Iran as four Americans were released from Tehran the same day.

2. Many are accusing the Obama administration on paying a ransom for their release.

3. The administration says that is not true. The money was stuffed with Euros, Swiss Francs, and other foreign currencies and it arrived in Tehran on January 17 - the same day as four Americans were released in exchange for seven Iranians held by us.

4. All Obama officials are denying any link between that money and the release. They say the deal was part of a $1.7 billion settlement to resolve a failed 1979 arms deal wherein Iran actually had demanded a full $10 billion.

5. The U.S. admits that we were going to lose the case over the arms deal at The Hague (international court) - the place Iran was seeking more than $10 billion compensation since 1979.

6. Tying those two events are convenient for obvious reasons, but should not be.

7. U.S. officials denied any link between the payment and the prisoner exchange. They say the way the various strands came together simultaneously was coincidental, not the result of any quid pro quo.

Until proven true or false otherwise, I hold my view and tend to believe Mr. Obama.

Anonymous said...

and the lies,lies,lies continue,but the golf course types don't care,they like being lied to and in fact bend over for it.

Anonymous said...

You're truly unbelievable Danny!

Anonymous said...

Nice research Dan. Unlike 'certain' people, I will hold my opinion pending further information.

Anonymous said...

Oh right,it was just a coinkidink that they waited from 1979 to release that money?!Are you people nuts?They are lying to your face,and you just take it with a smile.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

The bigger deal, ANON 11:17 was two-fold: (1) a nuke deal that benefits the entire planet and all life here, and (2) the U.S. collectively resisted all legal challenges to Iran about the money we held that was "theirs"(and were about to lose in the world international court at The Hague.

So, I'd say that's a pretty darn good record and the better deal vs. what could have popped out - nuke-armed Iran.

So, stop being blinded by the lights on FOX and your raw partisanship.

That seldom works. Try some critical thinking. Look it up ...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Dannie. Giving the Iranians nukes benefits all of mankind. You are one brain dead partisan. And after we spent all that money on intelligence training. Amazing stupidity. But it's all for your party, isn't it, Mr Caboose.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Dan?Iran has been searching high and low,looking for ways to get nukes done,and here we go,helping them with another piece of the puzzle..for real,you were in intelligence?No wonder we are at where we are in the world right now.

Anonymous said...

I have been on record here as supporting anyone's opinion and not taking cheap shots. Particularly in support of this Dan person. However, in light of his "critical thinking" comment and now the raw partisanship comment I say have at it. Anon 11:17 just may be right and is entitled to that comment. Who is on the "raw partisanship" bandwagon now?? HMMMM Isn't amazing how the timing of things always happen by coincidence with Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton? At least it wasn't US currency lol