Sunday, August 14, 2016

As Airbnb grows, do neighborhoods change? -

   I never heard of this till the Big County lusted after money they say in what I assume is like Uber for housing.
    Airbnb is another example of technology and innovation leapfrogging government's desire for taxes, but now localities are shaking users of the service down...
    As cable wanes I wonder when localities will look for ways to collect their franchise tax.
     If you are renting out space on an ad hoc basis, don't pay a dime till the jackbooted thugs are at the door.
      And by the way, there are a bunch of these untaxed, unregulated listings right here  in the 13601.
As Airbnb grows, do neighborhoods change? - | News, Sports, Jobs, Saranac Lake region — Adirondack Daily Enterprise


Anonymous said...

what is Airbnb?

Anonymous said...

What if you sign a lease and then your girlfriend moves in and then you break up and she moves out six months later. Is that a taxable event? Maybe we should just tax all rent to be sure no one gets away without paying the bed tax. I mean after all...that's what a an apartment rental is...just one long hotel stay. And that's what a marriage and family is...just one long hotel stay with a bunch of money changing hands. Oh, and gift or income taxes should apply too. If you are not married and you allow your romantic interest to stay the night or move in and pay half the bills, that is either income or a gift...pick one. We could solve this if we could just solve the "gridlock" in the city govenrment and in DC.