Wednesday, August 3, 2016

America Decides Between a Liar and a Nut ?

    The Presidential race is turned on its ear. Just this week in the Washington Post we see articles suggesting Donald Trump has a personality disorder (aka he's crazy), while the paper supporting Hillary Clinton awarded her four Pinnichios for her prevaricating over the FBI probe into her emails.
    We haven't even looked into the Clinton Foundation and we find out the US may have paid for the release of those Navy members held by Iran recently.
     The President used a presser with the Malaysian PM to deride Trump as unfit for the office, Mrs Clinton hides and won't do a presser, and the GOP is beside itself as the Trump campaign is rife with media fueled rumor they want to do a Jonestown redux.
      One thing is for sure, there is potential for big changes as just slogging on with the current back and forth won't change the current trajectory towards Mrs. Clinton.
     Add the presence of a pair of decent third party candidates who will attract millions and you have a recipe for an historic campaign. Too bad Teddy White isn't still around to wrie about it.


Anonymous said...

I suppose that by this election cycle's standards, Johnson could be considered a decent candidate, but come on, really? Darrel Castle is a far better candidate than Johnson, but then the really good ones never get anywhere, no matter what party they belong to, do they? The quality of candidates pretty much reflects the quality of the voter, now doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

All the negative coverage on Trump this morning is amazing. Seems the libs want ole Hill to be prez without even having an election. I guess killing 5 people, fake foundations that make you rich, and incompetence with national security are just what we need in a president. At least if you're a democrat.

America is screwed.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Hillary is corrupt to the very core! The President she wants to dedicate her 1st term to, just paid the Iranians 400,000,000 million to get back our sailors, who they humiliated before the world.

Hillary lies to FOX's Mike Wallace about emails once again, saying FBI Director Comey said she did nothing wrong in terms of sending classified info over her server. The MSM has united to take everything Trump says and put a Hillary/Democrat slant on it that doesn't resemble Mr. Trumps actual intent.

Hillary's campaign decided they couldn't run on the issues, only campaign with the help of MSM to make Mr. Trump look unqualified and erratic! He's qualified and he's not crazy! BUT HILLARY IS A CRIMINAL UNWILLING TO GIVE A PRESS CONFERENCE! HILLARY CAN'T ANSWER THE TOUGH QUESTIONS -- SHE'LL HAVE TO LIE! YOU CAN'T VOTE FOR THAT WOMAN! HILLARY IS A DISGRACE!

Go ahead and vote for Hillary Clinton, who will be shown to be a criminal once more through her actions related to the Clinton Foundation. Play right into the Evil Axis of Bill & Hillary Clinton by going out and voting for Hillary. Just don't ever call yourselves upstanding Republicans who care about this Country again!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Trump's paranoid schizophrenia. The media, the pollsters, everyone is plotting against him. Everything is "very fishy." OoooOOOooooo...

All you Trump lovers need to come to terms with the fact that this guy is dud. He can't keep stupid things from flowing from his unfiltered trap. He hates everything, but himself (he's terrific). WHEN he loses, he'll blame everyone and everything, except himself of course. How's that for personal responsibility?

This guy is everything conservatives AND libertarians hate, but the self-proclaimed are falling over themselves to heap praise and support on a guy who's used the government to prop himself up at least four times, and has abandoned his responsibilities countless times - not paying employees, shorting engineers, and blowing through wives faster than he can file bankruptcies. This guy is an all around, 100% sleeeezbag. Oh, and his "family" really sets the bar for wholesome goodness. In fact, the Trumps make the Obamas look like the Reagans!

Good grief. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

We need a do-over on the primaries. How about best 2 out of 3, or consider the last one a pratice run?

Anonymous said...

Politifact has proven Trump the biggest liar between the two, many, many times over. No contest. :D

Anonymous said...

BINGO 10:51AM!!

And it’s not just Politifact….

The ‘King of Whoppers': Donald Trump:

“…It’s been a banner year for political whoppers — and for one teller of tall tales in particular: Donald Trump.

In the 12 years of’s existence, we’ve never seen his match.
He stands out not only for the sheer number of his factually false claims, but also for his brazen refusals to admit error when proven wrong.”


Of course Graham and TrumpCult Inc. would say it’s the “corrupt and bias” media treating Trump unfairly.

Anonymous said...

8:31 Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, no one is going to vote for Hillary, you will be seeing GOP voting for the Independent candidate instead of Trump.

Talk about the biggest con of the 21st Century by Con Don Trump. We were all swindled by Donald and his useless kids.

Zip, Nadda it's over.

I would like answers on how we are going to legally replace him on the ballot. I believe he is our Manchurian Candidate.

Anonymous said...

Dannie/1:08, it amazes me that a man of your intelligence and education would preach to real people about dishonesty. The lies of the Obama/Hillary administration have been too numerous to count. Yet you live your life on all fours, fully owned by your party. The damage you and your ilk has done to this country is beyond anything I've seen in my lifetime.