Wednesday, August 3, 2016

51. New York -State Last in Gus - CBS News

        New York is the least armed state according to a survey. It does not include hand gun count and since laws vary the number of registered guns may vary.

       That said, NY has the fewest firearms per person and Wyoming the most.

51. New York - Most heavily-armed states in America - Pictures - CBS News


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I believe this survey is right on. If someone calls my house, and asks how many firearms I own, I'm gonna put them on hold will I got count what's in the safe. I wouldn't want some media craps to be innacurate. If they come to my door, I'll invite them in and we can count what's in the safe together, over a nice, pleasing lunch. Sorry Charlie, not everyone is as biased and dishonest as little Mr Smith on junk news. If I want facts, spoon fed from Dannie's owners, I try to make junk news my first stop.

Anonymous said...

good to see NY holding fast to the second amendment

Anonymous said...

Remember the compliance rate for the Safe Act. 4%. Interesting fact, as it were. The people who own those types of guns are just the type to tell a phone poll the truth.