Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Who Would Have Thunk It ? Trump Grabs Brass Ring

   In a historic event considered a pipe dream thirteen months ago, Donald Trump claimed the GOP nomination for President in Cleveland last night.
    Despite all of the hand wringing and all of the skeptics....the Never Trumpers .....the "deep bench" field of 17 that folded like a house of cards....He did it.
     Whatever the prospects for November, to continue to suggest Donald Trump's bid is anything less than legitimate and game changing is naive.
      The test now is Thursday night's acceptance speech. This is Mr. Trump's chance to hit reset button.


Anonymous said...

We all though of it back when he announced. When Trump showed he had the courage to make fun of McCain for getting caught, in response to McCain's nasty insult to the Trump supporters, we knew we had a winner.

Watching the debates, Trump showed he was the only one that was willing to fight. We didn't like Obama making his apology tour for America and we don't want a candidate who apologizes ever time the MSN claims someone said something wrong.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit , he has lost the vast majority of voters with his continued insulting andbelittleing of minorities , religion which he flaunts by 2 broken marriages and multiple affairs, denigrating women and the disabled . Dis Honoring war heros and generally trashing anyone who may deign to disagree . He has NO SPECIFIC stragies at all when queried . HE has no family values ,he is however ego centric, petulant , mercurial , unstable and frankly maybe be ADHD. His is without class, taste , nor demeanor to lead this nation anywhere except into a very rapid decline and most likely WW

He has proven over the last year that he is NOT capable of EVER uniting this country . He has simply trashed TOO MANY groups and alienated them . He will in all likelyhood be buried in the dustbin of history this fall . The morepressing question is can the REPUBLICAN party ever recover from this national embarrassment .

Yes old ,white , angry , bigotted ,alienated and in SOME cases less than educated fall for his false macho nonsense . He is willing to break international law , he is willing to order the military to do unlaw actions ...this megalomaniac is quite simply the most dangerous , unbalanced , overly simplistic person ever to seek office .

But Jeff , you continue to carry his water , unbelievable .

Anonymous said...

If he goes too far off-script, he is done. Tick-tock.

Anonymous said...

906, You are full of B.S.

Anonymous said...


Very well stated, but more importantly absolutely true.

10:49, you are full of Trump shit. Run along now... adults are having a conversation.

Anonymous said...

So you admit trump is full of shit 353? Ha! What a clown you are...