Sunday, July 31, 2016

Who Will Visit Trump ?

   With Donald Trump making his third visit to her district this Thursday,  our MOC surely has had to consider appearing with the GOP nominee in Plattsburgh.  Normally, that's a no brainer, but this year there is much reluctance by Republican leaders to be seen with him.
    I suspect the calculus dictates staying away, but remember the days when a Presidential candidate came to town and all the local party folk would be there. Those days are gone.
    When Mr Trump was in Watertown in April, the local GOP Chair and a key legislator both ducked the Trump visit., even though they had backstage passes to get a photo with him.


Anonymous said...

That's because they all realize what a buffoon and loose cannon he is and are ashamed of their own party candidate.

Anonymous said...

A good reason not to vote for establishment candidates.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame anyone for staying clear of him. He is controversial. It would be like asking a democrat how they feel about aborting a fetus one second before it is born. They all support it but don't want to have to say so.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she needs to ask the campaign whether more nudie pictures will be
released that day.

The entire family has to stop with the holier than thou presentation.

No matter how many gold platted beds he sleeps in he is and always will be trash. Money will never ever buy class


Anonymous said...

MCM, You give up yet? What a horrible candidate that your party has put forth. Since you have supported and backed Democratic candidates most of your political life as has The Donald, are you sure we do not have a Manchurian Candidate before are very eyes.

The wife is a huge supporter of Michele Obama and his elder daughter has been a registered Democrat and best friend of Chelsea Clinton.

Starting to look like this.

Anonymous said...

Wise decision by Don back then. I can't see why MOC would walk the plank for Donald at this point. Trump hasn't done anything for any GOP NY House Member ever, ever.

We had NYS Politicians that Trump has previously generously donated to absolutely trash him during the Democratic Convention. His donations to Cuomo were 75-100k? Funny we haven't heard a peep from Schummer & his Jr. sidekick gal.

Anonymous said...

“MCM, You give up yet?”

Give him time to recover. His head’s still reeling from being “bitched slapped.” He just doesn’t know it yet.

Middle-Class Mike said...

ANON 8:08 Much of what you say is true, Kennedy as a child, LBJ until it was impossible, but when of age I voted Ford, Nixon, Reagan, George Bush Sr. Bill Clinton, George W, Barrack Obama.

As for Mr. Trump current case of speaking, when he should be listening I'll Quote Ambassador Joe Kennedy, Sr., father of JKK, who lost Joe, Jr. during a heroic bombing mission in WWII,

"The bigger the man, the bigger the mistake!" Joe Kennedy, Sr.

Mr. Trump will know the right thing to do, and he'll right the ship, by apologizing to the Khan's; he'll have to do that period!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

No one will go near him he is the kiss of death career wise , this dangerous damn fool sociopath needs to be swept into historys dust bin with ignominy . He is a national disgrace

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Hey, Trump offer to hold a big run raiser for her and fork over $100,000 or so and watch her put on her best face and tap dancing shoes - she is terrific at that, BTW.