Wednesday, July 20, 2016

WDT:Coverage in Cleveland a Good Idea

       Sending two WDT reporters to Cleveland is certainly a good idea in the tradition of old style journalism. Christina Scanlon and Brian Molongoski got the assignment. I remember one time years ago the same company sent a TV female anchor and I to NYC to cut promos with Rather and Wallace.
      A white knuckle flight on People's Express was not their fault, but we did have to share one hotel room. I don't know if Ms. Scanlon and Mr. Molongoski got separate rooms.
       As I recall there were two beds or at least a company policy that you had to keep one foot on the floor at all times.
        Also in politics today, Jefferson County GOP Chair Don Coon called the Hotline today for a pleasant and informative first hand account of the week in Cleveland. Mr. Coon said all is well and that the convention is going well.
        That's a far cry from the outrageously corrupt cable news reporting where they harangue delegates to react to the latest on MelaniaGate, and get mad when they say they don't care.
        I watched an MSNBC punk just brutalize Senator Dan Coats of Indiana over the topic of plagiarism and the narrative that a campaign that does this can't be trusted to run the country. It was crazy to watch.
        And last night, cutting away from Natalie Gulbis for more nonsense from Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams.
          I will be comparing closely their tone next week in Philly, where the NBC Decision Desk is already predicting a convention filled with hope and vision.
          Watertown Daily Times | Coverage offers insights into process


Anonymous said...

Jeff, Don't get yourself worked up in such a lather with these media libtards, Brian Williams.....really he is such a loser and liar. Although he really should have fact checked his lies with Hilldebeast.

Too similar both getting shot out, the Beast when running from the plane or helicopter and Williams being on the front lines, not! taking enemy fire.

Lies, liars, lies, liars, lies, liars.

You must keep up with what the little peeps are saying on the other side of the district. The Beast is going down, big time.

If I were Addie, I would start getting concerned. Hildebeast is going to drag the entire Democratic party down with her.

Anonymous said...

I can't watch the network coverage any more. I got sick & tired of all the interruptions and switched to c-span. You can watch the whole evening there with no bias.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong Jeff, The Libtards have a line up to include and demonstrate the badddddddd parenting skills and dysfunctional families of all the criminals of the Black Lives Matter Group. The Gentle Giant Michael Brown, high on dope and just coming off a robbery Mama will be leading the session.

Maybe if we are lucky we will see a video of Obama applauding Treyon Martin being the son he never had. Again, the kid was from a broken family, kicked out of school for having drugs in his locker, I can't recall if he was on drugs at the time that he was casing homes in that gated community.

A belated Black Lives Mother's Day to honor these great ladies.

Anonymous said...

Lets ask the reporters to ask CNN and the other networks about the plagiarized speach they have made a big deal about..

There is only one sure means of sucess Number one work hard for what yu want in life
Number two always do what you say your going to do and number three respect everyone and treat them with dignity, and always,always take the opportunity to pass the values on to the next generation
Do you know who wrote that..?
Steven A Covey
So i GUESS that is Melania is being accused and this is being investigated and causing such a ding and tingle up Cuomos leg..
I guess if hes fair and unbiased as he says he is they can question Obama and his wife about plagiarized statements.

Anonymous said...

That was then Jeff, look at how times have changed. Now that lady you shared a room with, she would never in a millions years think if you batted your eyes to her or wished her a good night, don't let the bedbugs bight she could have screamed sexual harassment. Why look at poor Roger Ailes, he gave the opportunist Meghan Kelly a hug probably 10 years ago at some Radio talk show party and now she screams sexual harassment.

What's Kelly going to do if O'Reilly, Hannity and Greata walk if Roger is forced out. She still going to be on primetime all by her lonesome. Oh the web these females weave, just ask ole Kelly's first husband.

Anonymous said...

It is the covention of hope and vision..
Hope that Clinton will be Dictator within four years
Visions of more riches for the imigrants.. Think about it.. All the inner city recepients, all the immigrants that earn nothing where they live because of corruption and horrible conditions can come here and Hillary will get them into the free stuff mode which would seem like a lot to them. The rest of us pay their way with more raised taxes..
After she appoints her judges they will take our constitution apart and then guess what happens.

dajeep said...

One foot on the floor? Heck, you can do the deed with two feet on the floor.