Sunday, July 24, 2016

WDT: With Help from WaPo, Criticism of Trump Speech Wafts from 260

      While our local paper doesn't endorse till late in campaigns, it appears there is antipathy towards Donald Trump as in an editorial today the Washington Post is repeadtedly quoted in a bid to discredit Mr. Trump's RNC speech.
       Former WaPo reporter Carl Bernstein, a Trump hater, is widely critical of the media for failing to vet the candidates with serious reporting. In fact, there is a feeling that the citizenry is off the rails in supporting Trump and that the media must run enough material critical of him to ward off what they see as a historic mistake by voters. The WaPo will lead that effort.
      I suspect the endorsement will be for Mrs. Clinton on the grounds she will be better for Fort Drum and that Mr. Trump is too boarish.

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