Friday, July 22, 2016

WDT: Tired of Long Campaigns ? Don't Watch.

       Once in a while the great thinkers of news poke their noses out of their abodes atop of the Mount Everest of American intelligentsia and dripping with contempt and sarcasm decry the political process and the politicians that populate it.
      This morning I read an op/ed by Jerry-Perry calling for adoption of parliamentary government here so we wouldn't have these long, expensive, tedious and to them offensive campaigns for President.
       Of course a Parliamentary system requires a national leader not elected by the people but instead by a caucus of one party. Sort of like a national school superintendent.
        Some of us follow it all more than others and some news outlets cover it less than others. The aforementioned are among the latter.
         Our system tests a crucible that's hot and uncomfortable and not always fair.
          It's full of intrigue and corrupting influences. It's difficult. I've been on both sides.
          Other than the Presidential contest there is really precious little politics the local MSM has to burden itself with. There really is more consequence from office holders who are selected than elected.
           I like elections. I'd like to elect the people who run the city, the county or that largest and most expensive government, the school system.
           Others would rather create an agency to advise people how to dissolve representative governance.
            But guys, I do applaud sending two reporters to Cleveland and I look forward to their missives from Philadelphia. You are sending them aren't you ?
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Anonymous said...

That is the dumbest political opinion I have ever read in my entire life. Ever.

Q: What the hell does a parliamentary system have to do with the length of the campaign? A: Nothing!

The campaign duration is limited by laws that trample on freedom of speech. Which is what perrykos really wants. That way he can conduct his own continuous campaign, in hopes of spreading his ridiculous liberal outlook on things, while candidates are stifled from debunking his ideas the majority of the time. There is no doubt that WDT's is one continuous political campaign, just as all the news outlets are, with the exception of course, of the fair and balanced one.

Our separate branches of govenrment were put in place in order to limit government because our founding fathers knew that govenrment needs to be limited. they know that corrupt men, such as publishers, would promote themselves to the position of unilateral decision maker and appoint themselves to unaccountable agencies.

And just as important as the above indisputable points...all of these parliamentary governments that liberals are so fond of, are there to run countries the size of one of our states. Canada has the population of California. States are free to set up parliamentary governments if they want to. In fact, we have one here in NY since we are a one party government.

When the UK voted for Brexit, it was in many ways akin to one of our states opting to leave our totalitarian dictating federal govenrment, in order to get away from our boundless lawless agency dictators and legislation from our liberal Courts. What is so wrong with states passing their own laws rather than having them all handed down from DC?

Middle-Class Mike said...

"America !st!"

Donald J Trump gave the greatest 'Need for Change' Speech in Convention history, and the MSM media networks like CNN &MSNBC, who are Hillary Clinton's lap dogs, failed to acknowledge it.

MSNBC stalwart Hardball with Chris Matthews offered barren assessment like, "He screamed through the whole Speech." to avoid telling the truth, that the Speech Mr. Trump gave in his Convention Address was a game changer for 2016

Mr. Trump hit on all the key policy points he's made up until now, Immigration, Crime (He's the Law & Order) Candidate. He spoke of Hillary Clinton's criminality, in erasing 33,000 emails to hide her guilt. That if elected she'd stack the Supreme Court with Liberal Justices, to repeal your 2nd amendment rights.

Mr. Trump spoke to the need to rebuild our, roads, bridges, and Airports, and make them a model of 21st Century design and efficiency.

Mr. Trump spoke to a foreign policy that avoids long ground Wars, and revitalized Military that is better equipped than ever before to defend American interests.

He spoke to 'Energy' independence and bringing Corporations back home to invest & hire American workers.

He spoke a helluva long time Ihr. 22min. but he said a helluva lot!

Finally the strategic value of this Speech is 'HUGE' and means the Democratic Convention will have to match it's breath and reach to capture American Voters psyches' in the same fashion.

Those American voters now have a 'Voice' working for their interest, and Hillary Clinton is clearly not that 'Voice' but Mr. Trump is now.

As for Hillary Clinton she'll have to explain her involvement with the Clinton Foundation, where as Sec. Of State, she sold out to influence peddlers across the globe for donations to that Foundation. Hillary will need to convince Voters her email/server set-up in her home didn't cost or endanger American lives.

Hillary will find it hard to run on her record as Secretary of State, as Mr. Trump explained her failures in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and Syria to name a few, as well as, her failures in dealing with Putin.

I think Mr. Trump wins this Election!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Your theory is right Mike but she wont have to explain anything. Her lap dogs wont ask her hard questions. She wont interview with FOX but she has been asked several times. She interviewed with Wolfe who is as about honest as Clinton is.
She has to review his questions and if he asks anything controversial she wont do another. Cuomo and that thing that sits with him all day come up short on honesty also..Costello is as crooked as they come and has been santioned for lying before. Brooke Baldwin is into making facial expression and her posture is as bad as her questions.
MSNBC is totally run by wacks

Anonymous said...

Well there you have it ,MIKE hasnt been right since Moses was a boy !!

Loser Mike predicts and now for certain TRUMP will get schlumped !! .. MIkey GET a real job !! Bwaaa hahaha

Anonymous said...

Mike you have never been right about any election . you are the angel of death for any candidate !

Sik-of-It said...

Middle Class Mike,
As much as we are all amazed at your finally seeing the light so to speak, how can such an opponent to my 2nd amendment rights as you make the statement you did in your post? Your statement about the stacking of the Supreme Court taking my 2nd amendment rights really seems out of character for you.You were a poster child for the NY SAFE ACT as I recall. Are you being held captive? Drugged or tortured? Just give us the sign and we will start negotiations to come rescue you. We enjoy your "Rockefeller Republican" perspective but you are making some people nervous with your new perspective.