Monday, July 25, 2016

WDT: Time to Get Down to Stopping Trump at All Costs ?

   I saw another editorial locally today razzing the Trump candidacy, the second this week. Today's used material from the NY Times. A couple days ago it was the Washington Post.
    Look for opinion makers to keep up the drumbeat.
     Criticized for lack of serious vetting of Mr. Trump and fearful of his possible election, some in media view the coming weeks as more than a vague liberal bias, but a time to correct the public embrace of Mr. Trump, seen by some as a Fascist demagogue.
     Last year Mr. Trump was an entertaining diversion for media and some $2B in press attention was lavished on him.
     The HuffPo at one point refused to cover him except on the entertainment page and locally coverage of the national race has been sparse.
      His acceptance speech labled dark and apocolyptic and his demeannor low brow and boorish, many gatekeepers likely see a special oblligation to stop him. 
      One thing about this year's race is there is little mind changing to go on. Views are frozen in amber .


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As if there is any need to stop trump. He's done the most legwork for Hilda so far...

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Polls are moving. Duh dannies are nervous. They are the chosen ones, and live in continuous fear of losing their FreeStuff. To them, Trump represents a chance to end their little party, as it were. You can't really blame the boyz for getting excited.