Wednesday, July 6, 2016

WDT: This Just In: Stefanik Endorses Trump

     The HOTLINE got a nice shout out in this WDT story for the revelation that Rep. Elise Stefanik supports Donald Trump after weeks of declining to say so. I rarely make news on the show but went into the  interview with the intent of pinning her down on the issue since her principle opponent has declined to make a similar determination.
      It was a caller who got the endorsement by expressing anger and frustration over the reluctance to say Mr. Trump by name. She then did. Now it's news five days later, and it's news in the paper of record..
      It's not nice to say but there is a correlation between declining interest in a news product and a consistent and demonstrated casual attitude about covering things in real time. Same thing happens with crime stories because, as a former insider told me of late, the editor doesn't like crime stories. There was another major story of late fed to me and highlighted by an aggregator but ignored by those who should know better.
      There are some good stories in print and when there are we have said so, but the first three letters of "news" are n-e-w.  That's often not the imperative and the serious news consuming public understands that.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they were worried it would get no traction if they published it over long weekend. Note that the Perrykos made certain to publish a second by second account of how she reluctantly uttered his name when pressed.

At this point in time, I can't see why anyone would vote for anyone other than a Republican and supporting a republican, no matter who it is. There is too much damage to undo from our last two presidents, especially Obama. The only way to vote democrat is if free stuff, abortions up until the second of birth, and converting everyone to gay, is your top priorities, even over the survival of our country and the security of her citizens.

Anonymous said...

"the editor doesn't like crime stories" is that true?! I would think that journalism 101 would teach it doesn't matter what YOU like,it is what the reader(public)likes.The public likes crime stories,gritty realism,things happening to other people makes them feel safer somehow.Yes,it simplifies to if it bleeds it leads,but it is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Perry, You Old Dog, a day late and a buck short.