Sunday, July 24, 2016

WDT: Remembers Old News

    One of the most, if not the most interesting local stories I covered was the Barry Freed/Abbie Hoffman bombshell 36 years ago that Perry reminisces about in today's WDT.
     We all had covered his Save the River exploits over year round navigation and when the day came the airport manager tipped us at WWNY that Barbara Walters had landed with a film crew, it didn't take long for the reason to surface. She was here to cover the outing of the Chicago Seven member.
     I filed a brief piece with the CBS feed and made $160, something you'd never get to do today.
     Everybody was saying, 'yeah that makes sense' but few really knew.  Dennis Honeywell told me he knew beforehand, but no one else I knew made that claim.
      Rehashing old news is always interesting for those of us who were in the biz at the time. It also is a reminder how old we are.


Anonymous said...

Yep, and during this beautiful summer, literally thousands of tourist families will be spending their holidays and dollars at water-park communities NOT in the 1000 Islands. All because some left nut stoner / drug dealer decided that he wanted to listen to loons fart.

We should all be real proud that we let another outsider come in and destroy the future prosperity of the multinational families that reside here. He then moved along to another community and "helped them" before he killed himself.

Did anybody ever stop to wonder about the mentality of one who commits suicide for no apparent reason? Yeah, that's who I want to take advise from !

Anonymous said...

Right, 2:25. Having ships plow through the st lawrence year round would be ideal, until a catastrophe were to happen. I get your point about Barry's lifestyle, and it was just the way, I guess, at the time. It's funny that he slipped under the radar for so long. Thank god he did. The beautiful St Lawrence would've been compromised, with even more dirty ballast water which would've ruined our great fishing. George Boldt would have objected to the decimation of the great river we locals call our own. I remember dating a girl that worked at a water park there in the 80's and it never survived. Take a nice ride down the moose river road to old forge if you wanna get wet. But, you already are....

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong river rat and working on the island for about 20 years including the timeframe of his presence, I can tell you that many people suspected and a few of us were quite certain of Barry Freed's true identity. It was really quite a joke that some that he rubbed elbows with who should have been in the know were too full of themselves to see through his thin disguise even though the word was out there. I'm sure his picture was even on the wall of the Fineview post office!

But then again, everyone knows someone who looks like someone famous.

Hoffman was loudmouth blowhard and not at all a good person.

Anonymous said...

Bravo 2:25
8:04, You have an outlook on the world that only a media person could share. I know you love prisons and Drummies better than the free market, but we should let the market decide if a water park belongs here, not you and Barry Freed.

Your drama about ballast water makes no sense. The same ships carry the the same scary ballast water, during the other three seasons.

There would have been no exposure to any possible catastrophe.

Anonymous said...

6:00 pm(aka) 2:25, no drama here, man. A water park is a great idea, just place it in an area that doesn't obstruct the beauty of a landscape I've enjoyed since 64. Never, never a drummie. I'm a lifer, and am the salt of the earth, bud.