Thursday, July 7, 2016

WDT: New Park Playground Creeps Towards Completion.

   The shopworn Thompson Part Children's Playground will get replaced next year. It was a good two or three years ago, the need to do so was on city radar and moving ahead with the well used project is worthwhile, more so than empty promises about building a new pool.
    Finding ways to make the playground better would be good too. Things like lighting and amenities like better bathrooms, but the likely half million dollar price tax will become an issue once the project gets closer.
     When you look at how quickly the privately funded monument got designed and built, it's always frustrated to see how plodding a public project of similar scope is. 


Anonymous said...

Yes you never seemed to get anything but you certainly talk a lot about it and offer a fair share of criticism now.

Anonymous said...

The monument is different because a handful of sycophants felt obliged to support it. If by privately funded you mean not counting the freestuff money that pAddie Ritchie stole from the tax payers to pay for it.

What is more frustrating as that anything the public buys, has to cost five times what it should cost. The rest of the money goes to prevailing rate overpaid employees and contract bidding laws require inept engieers and architects to reap millions.

Tell me, does the Watertown Golf Club pay prevailing rate for everything they do? If not, it makes sense to rent the entire park out to them and let them build everything you want there. Why did a "private" monument have to pay outrageous prevailing rates? Why did an overpriced contractor have to be used? Why not use a small reasonably priced contractor with employees that earn $19/hr and one that has no giant profit margins?

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly, 7:22. Especially from a mayor with decades in office.

Anonymous said...

Well 844 interesting point, of course if NOW built it they could request a waiver of paying prevailing wage like happens on some of their projects..Still better yet tell me again why we needed it?