Thursday, July 21, 2016

WDT: Landlord Law Moves Ahead in Canton

    Looks like this notion of landlord registration will come to Canton before it does to Watertown. The Canton proposal has reached the public hearing stage, and it will be interesting to see if there is opposition.
    I think there will be here and it will be a tough sell, and that's why the measure has not been introduced at 245.

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Anonymous said...

Freedom will always takes a back seat to govenrment power, in the eyes of the wine and Velveeta crowd, who saturate the village known for its mediocre generic plain vanilla colleges. The village of Canton is a manure pit on a scale so large that even the factory farms in Jefferson county could not conceive of the size. Canton can't even keep their McDonald's open, but I guess that is still better than Watertown's Washington street debacle, where none was built in the first place. Half of the commercial buildings in the village of Canton sit empty, while the residential rental market in Canton is even worse than here in Jefferson, where DANC and the county have subsidized millionaires from out of the area, to overbuild and create a glut of housing. The last thing in the world Canton needs is to put more pressure on the dismal rental housing market in the village.

BTW...why do you conveniently seem to forget that Canton already has many existing landlord laws? One in particular, restricts the number of roommates who are not related.