Thursday, July 14, 2016

WDT: Industrial Legacy Cleanup

      For decades Watertown's industrial leader churned out product and supported countless families, but NYAB and other producers of wealth also left a legacy of pollution to be cleaned up and a legacy of suspected health woes.
     Now the likely last phase of cleanup is underway on Kelsey Creek on the city's northwest side.
     Todays standards and practices are different and  hopefully such a legacy will never be left again.


Anonymous said...

Often wondered if the high incidence of cancer in our area in general,and specifically downriver in dexter and Brownville,had something to do with stuff dumped in the black river.I used to work a shift that caused me to go over the Mill Street bridge in the early morning,like 3am,every day.On summer nights,there was an overpowering chemical odor coming from the river as I crossed the bridge,I always wondered what Knowltons was putting in it.

Anonymous said...

As a kid I played in the upper portion of Kelsey Creek before it crosses und Mill St. and also Oily Creek in the 50's and 60's along with my friends. None of us or our progeny were affected in anyway among the kids I hung out with on Division St.

I'm not convinced the problems others have experienced are related to the creek. Just my take on it.

Anonymous said...

1:30 I could write a best Seller on what was going on at the end of Purdy ave (Dump Site)during the 70s. Yard Employees were told by Grounds supervisors to keep your mouth shut or lose your over time . Lot of mistakes were made by management that got swept under the rug during later investigations in the 80s as this place was the only High paying employer in the area at the time. Many of the people responsible for that mess are dead now and will answer to some one higher then the DEC. .