Tuesday, July 12, 2016

WDT | ‘All Lives Matter’ rally calls for healing, coming together

   Unfortunately, I couldn't make it out to the rally due to the HOTLINE, but I am pleased Reverend Smith got a good crowd.

Watertown Daily Times | ‘All Lives Matter’ rally calls for healing, coming together


rick aldrich, USMC said...

All lives do matter, I commend Rev. Smith. But we , as a nation, need to change the very ideals that lead to these unfortunate events. No jobs, no self-respect, no hope, no future. Thanks to the social programs that do not encourage, any of the aforementioned, we will continue on this downward path. Couple that with crooks in government, its not hard to understand, people having a preconceived notion, that if they (the government) do not have to answer to anyone, why should they. We need to provide people, the opportunities, so that succeed in life. But, not by enslaving minorities, to social programs, that bleed taxpayers. They say that there are a lot of whites, who do not trust blacks; blacks who do not trust whites, and Latinos, who do not trust anyone. Bring back what is needed, jobs and self-worth. The current party leading our nation, is nothing short, of a big hypocritical, wind bag.

Anonymous said...

What is it with the Smith's of Watertown always being clowns?

Anonymous said...

That was a purposeless statement 11:00, feel better?

Anonymous said...

Phonies, the lot o' 'em.

All Lives Don't Matter.

How do we know?

These same people eagerly cheer Uncle Sam murdering foreigners. They drool over F Troop.

Anonymous said...

Mission Accomplished 12:56. A Smith cult member suffering from butt hurt. Sweet.