Friday, July 8, 2016

TWC: Losers in Downtown Sweepstakes Left to Ponder What They Did Wrong

      The $10M downtown prizes handed out to one community in each of the state's economic development zones left most applicants disappointed, while most citizens know nothing of the process that leads to the award.
       If you read what is said about this system, you hear all this talk of what's good for the "region".  The "region" as defined by the Second Floor.
       One thing is for sure. No one will speak out about the system as there is other grant money and use of flippant terms like "hunger games" is not something someone in offce would say.
        Plattsburgh won this prize, so the whole thing is a good idea there. Perhaps they won because they followed the instructions better, matching their proposal to the criteria.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, perhaps. And perhaps the NYS wage board came to their wage hike decision on their own too. All unicorns agree with you.

As far as this free money being a good idea from the vantage point of Plattsburgh, we don't know if the normal thinking people living there agree with that. We do know that normal thinking people in this area do not approve of every free penny that is handed out here in Jefferson county.

Anonymous said...

Plattsburgh still plays the Base losing card.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I always wonder about those who bash "free stuff and the less-fortunate" for any reason. Is it out of ugly anger or mean jealousy or a combo? Plus I wonder what "free stuff" they get from Uncle Sam and those who pay the bills? Just asking.

BTW: Some areas in NYS seem to talk about that more than others. I bet we lead in that category - just my hunch.

Anonymous said...

Do we really need to Wonder what Watertown did. Just go to a council meeting and see who is running it and participating in the decision process.. End of story and the wondering is over.

Anonymous said...

If "COR" hadn't been in the picture Watertown may have had chance. As it was, too much publicity on Andy's corruption and the connection to the city.

Anonymous said...

7:10 is right, COR would have gotten the money if it were not for Andy being investigated for his corruption.