Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Man Who Drew the "River District" Dies at 56 - NY Daily News

     The architect of the "River District" that changed NNY politics has died too young at age 56. Michael Kane, longtime advisor to Assembly Democrats died of cancer this week in an Albany hospital.
       After the 2000 Census, Dems drew up a district that while still slightly Republican, cobbled together enough Democrat leaning towns to allow Darrel Aubertine to grab the seat. By taking Watertown, Massena, Ogdensburg and the two college towns, the district has stayed Democratic.  The 116th AD is now held by Assemblywoman Addie Russell.
     At the time, Democrats were looking to poach seats to get a veto proof majority. Dems are fighting to keep the 116th and add another to the east this year.
Assembly Dems' top campaign aide dies - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Adelaide will get the gig to serve drinks at the reception.

Anonymous said...

Darrel is more republican than 90% of the republicans around here. They ran two poor politicians against Darrel and he won. When they ran a girl with an actual personality, SHE won.
When you said the district has stayed democrat, I assume you are referring to the RINO nature of pAddie Ritchie. Or does the River District describe both the 116th AD and and the 48th SD???

Anonymous said...

Byrne has worked hard to earn my vote. I hope the spoilers don't mess this up again.