Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Colonel Seeks to Be a Burr Under the Saddle..Using TPP as a Wedge

    First time  I met the Colonel , he was at Pete's with his daughter. Nice enough people, but his prospects not so nice....It's still unlikely Mike Derrick could beat Rep. Elise Stefanik who is taking nothing for granted with lawn signs and commercials already out there.
     However, Mr. Derrick  is sparring of late and clearly has some advice and research behind him.
     Taking on TPP appeals to the left but also to Trumpists at a time when Ms. Stefanik has struggled to discuss her party's nominee.
      The dust up yesterday with the press is a reminder they are not your friend,  Summer kerfuffles don't make for a competitive race in the fall, but the video lives on.
       What used to work for campaign themes are not as effective this year. Nobody wants to hear about how much you raised or how many people with "Hon." in front of their name are backing you.
        The Colonel has enough in resources to be a major thorn and is a better candidate on paper than the Woolf man.
        The incumbent needs to focus on what got her there, avoid unforced errors, and come to terms with who is at the top of the ticket.
        In the end, what is the compelling reason to make a change ? Haven't heard that yet and the Colonel still has at best modest name recognition.
Derrick hits Stefanik on trade policy - Sun Community News & Printing


Anonymous said...

Its not the left who is opposed to TPP. It is a rather new meme to label anyone not in favor of Laissez faire, as a leftest. That is why Trump is popular, he is making republicans great again.

Elise doesn't need to come to terms with who is at the top of the ticket. The local media does. She can tell them I sure as hell don't support Mrs. Clinton or the democratic platform and I am not going to let you play your game of trying to fan the flames of disagreement in my party. Go ask the colonel if he supports Hillary or Sanders and ask him if he supports free college for all and abortions up until the minute of birth and confiscating guns.

Anonymous said...

Elise needs to bring jobs to the district as she claimed she would. Talking about non-existent results during her 'tour' is a joke...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the issue of coming to terms with endorsing Trump.. We want him..
I also urge you mayor, to keep writing and start asking the other Republican politicans locally and the canidates against Addie Russell who they are backing.. They are all hiding except Finley

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor, You are being generous when you describe Derrick's name recognition. He has none in this district. To be honest I am voting for Green Matt Funicello. I want to see him pull off and pulls more votes than the Democrat line.

Last week Funicello had to correct Derrick and posted that Derrick doesn't have a clue what he was talking about referring to the TPP or the TPA. He still doesn't understand he is going against his party's leader that being Obama. As I recall it was Bill Clinton with Newt Gingrich's help that passed NAFTA but I digress. Derrick does another commercial with revised talking points and based on Funicello's information. What did that cost him in media ad $?

My next point, Funicello says he is another poor candidate put forth by the Democrats and not even from this area. Wasn't born here, raised here and spent all of 3 years of his highschool years here. But this same rag of a paper has Derrick being a lifelong New Yorker.

I'm most curious about the fact how on earth he received a Bronze Medal for never being on the front lines of any skirmish/war. Whose palms did he grease to get paperwork passed on? He was deployed and spent many years at some of the most non essential locations. South Korea!!!!!!!! I don't think he spent any time on any front line of any combat area. He was a paper pusher.

He isn't a burr and never will be a burr under Stefanik. What we have are a bunch of little puny liberal small town newspapers that give this clown a plug each and every day. He takes a dump and he will call into a newspaper and tell him how solid it was and they will print it.

Funicello needs to be more vocal in calling for him to drop out of the race. No one will be surprised when Funicello garners more votes than Derrick come November.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, It's a done deal, forget about this race. Elise Stefanik wins more than last time.

I wanna know what you think about Trump asking the Russians "If you are listening, can you please find those deleted 30,000 emails?"

Gosh, this was good and the press is on the ropes of how low can Trump go!

Anonymous said...

No worries Jeff, this seat is secure with the GOP until Stefanik says she is interested in running for higher officer.

Know da## well, she will also pick her successor and makes sure it remains in the GOP hands. You will not see her take any position that a Democrat may offer.

Anonymous said...

What a joke that comment thing by the seven news reporter was,she clearly said she was done,too bad he had to badger her..big deal,I suppose,in some people's minds,but isn't he a friend of yours Jeff?Why are you giving this non story legs.

Anonymous said...

12:25, please reread the last sentence of your post. I realize you are of limited ability, which explains your mindless love of party. But I'm sure you didn't mean to say what you said. My God, save us from these idiots.

Anonymous said...

8:50 This is what we get from individuals that go to public higher education institutions. The best and the brightest....not!

Anonymous said...

Idiot Dem. candidate, a day late and a buck short. It was mentioned on some national site that once elected of course Hillary will be in favor of the TPP.

Candidate Dem. most likely had a personal chat session with one of the editors of whatever newspaper that fuels him to focus on this #10 of 1-10 items that most people are focused on. The editor or editors have smoked and duped our local hometown boys saying they will be neutral in covering Stefanik. Does not look like that is happening.

Jr.'s deal with those newspapers need to end. Sr. is not going to be happy when he realizes Jr. has not been on his game.

Meanwhile Perry laments and pines away about the woes of falling readership. FYI Perry, how's about a good investigative piece on how many liberal WHITE Editors Men are in NY21 and the liberal slant/hit pieces on all GOP elected and non elected officials.

Anonymous said...

Remember when she was elected: I'll serve one term and thats it? She didnt say that?

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

No one in elected office ever brings or creates jobs -- they are supposed to open up highways (not just more breaks for selected types, either) to create and being in business and thus jobs.

The only jobs they create are those in their field offices and in DC to help them spread their BS about the good job they are doing trying, always trying (hahahaha) to create jobs for you. But keep in mind, it's always about them despite the talk otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Good god 850 what are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

But which Col.? We have one gushing about the incumbant and the protecting of Ft. Drum, of keeping our country safe from who?