Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Media Miffed | WWNY TV 7

     Are the old animosities back ? I watched this presser and I don't see where Rep. Stefanik "walked off". The availability was over with and she said thank you, but my old friend John Moore wanted to keep asking about Donald Trump.
     Obviously talking about Mr Trump is not something she is anxious to do as media is so anti Trump. It hands them an issue and in this case the media manufactures the story with their feigned feelings of being slighted and not being able to ask something important.
     As a old newsman, I do think there's a story in her refusal to name Mr. Trump by name, but the walk off headline assumes one has to indulge every question asked and re-asked.
     Surely someone will try to equate this with a similar presser on the east side two years ago, but I will tell you, on the HOTLINE recently she answered the questions posed and I too pressed her on Trump and she said she supports him.
      Since these campaign's get only the most superficial of coverage, it's hard to take any of it seriously.
Stefanik, at Campaign Event, Walks Away From Question | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Come to think of it she walked away when she was running for the first time, I believe they asked her about mdeicare, gee Dede S. hubbie called the cops when she was asked a difficult question.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but on your show she would not say his name until pressed by one of your callers. She seemed reluctant to endorse him by name, not that I blame her as Trump is rather an A- hole. I think you are too quick to blame the local media. Are old jealousies still there???

Anonymous said...

I just made up my mind.. I couldnt wait until I got to vote for her the last election. Seeing he (Mr Trump) was endorsed and elected by quite a bit locally our local politicans should be endorsing him with us in mind. I will not vote for Elise for any reason this year.
I have watched closely, Blankenbush and Ritchie are cowards and wont help and endorse him. Russ Finley has while Byrnes and Sheridan havnt as of yet.. If neither does soon Finley should get our vote.
I watched the Trump campaign from the begining and the treachery of the Republcian party and big money.. Now the Democrats show they are equally treacherous but whats most interesting is the great Bernie Sanders started a great movement and betrayed his people for a moment in the spotlight.
The media especially locally is blind to facts they just print venmom. The TV media is absolutely crazy and try to make all decisions for you.
The Democrats feel its ok to have open season on our cops and feel for the mothers of the people who they claim were unjustly killed. What about the white cops killed by the black communitty.... We cant support that can we, theres not enough votes in it.

I dont know I gues what I,ll do yet but so far Donald Trump seems like the logical choice. Soonner or later Hillary is going to jail along with Cuomo, Skelos, and Libeos if he were still alive.
Now elise betrays our hope and I,ll vote Baker I gues.

Sik-of-it said...

John Moore and his last grasp at a scoop before he fades into obscurity Edward R. Murrow you will never be. Really quite un-professional behavior to report her as avoiding or refusing the question after she had left the podium just for the sake of a headline. But like the rest of the liberal media outlets, they will try to tell us what to believe.

Anonymous said...

I don't consider WWNY a source of news with their 5 minutes of talking in the half hour cast. Just review some of the "stories" they talk about, really it is stupid stuff.

Anonymous said...

7:00 You were voting Bernie or Stein and all in for the Green Baker.

Who are you trying to kid.

Anonymous said...

Elise can't handle the tough questions. She stands for nothing but photo ops.

Anonymous said...

Sadly John's days are numbered. This is the reason why citizens have no respect for any media types. No integrity and certainly no honesty.


Preacher. said...

12.47...Let's say you, Danny, and three reporters are in front of her to ask questions that day. Wouldn't you serve your community better by asking questions that mean something? Fort Drum defense sight, health care, and much more is available to you. You want to know about Donald Trump? She was at a local hospital to support their needs. Why not ask about that first? Because it's the political hack club. Or the PHC. You guys need some shirts.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was called a "media availability," Some people care about issues such as our next president, abortion, gay marriage, etc.