Saturday, July 30, 2016

States Jockey Back and Forth in 100 Day Runup to the Election

     The quadrennial parlor game is on. Assigning states and figuring different ways to 270, or even more interesting, if Trump picks up NH,OH,IA,FL and NV for a 269-269 split.    offers a daily update using the latest polling, and there are lots of interactive maps on line so you can play veteran political analyst.
      Just to complicate, Mrs Clinton is in Nebraska this weekend, looking to poach the Omaha CD as that state splits its Electoral College votes. Same thing in Maine.
       With the two major candidates annoying to large swaths of the electorate, it's hard to know what could happen.


Anonymous said...

All states should divide their electoral votes by Congressional District.

Anonymous said...

615 I agree. It shows that all you have to do is be a democrat and not be controversial. Pretty soon it will be as easy as being a dem in NYC. You could be convicted of a crime and still be elected if you are a dem

A sad state of affairs.