Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 'I regret making' Donald Trump remarks -

     The fact that Justice Ginsberg felt obliged to apologize for remarks about Donald Trump shows how enraged at and frightened of the left is of the likely GOP nominee.

      I heard the same today from an NBC reporter getting snarky with an MOC now supporting Trump.

It's outrage and questioning not posed to the Clinton campaign.

       Desperate times call for desperate acts and that's going to be the case on the MSM and from the left now that despite their efforts, Hillary Clinton is floundering around 40%.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 'I regret making' Donald Trump remarks -


hermit thrush said...

trump is a uniquely horrible candidate, but it's not rbg's place to make that case. she screwed up and she was right to admit so.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Justice Ginsburg stepped and was lady-like and apologized ... now having said that name a specific time and place that Trump ever apologized for calling "Hillary Crooked" or "Jeb Bush Low Energy" or "Sen. Rubio Little Marco" or "Gov. Kasich a Big Eater" or "Megyn Kelley For Bleeding Every Place" or anyone else for that matter. Name specifics...

Goose/and gander come to mind and Trump is despicable yet he is clever and skilled in this silly-ass name-calling PR stunt game. Then he issues this threat ... via twitter, natch:

Donald J. Trump
✔ ‎@realDonaldTrump

"If I win the Presidency, we will swamp Justice Ginsburg with real judges and real legal opinions!" He implies by that statement that those on bench now are not "real judges and are not issuing real legal opinions?" GMAFB

Where is the outrage about that, Mr. and Mrs. T-rump supporter, um?

Also, this political statement by Justice Ginsburg is not the first dates back to the early 1800’s when the high court could not be session since most Justices were out campaigning for John Adams.

Much more here.

Anonymous said...

All this BLM and Black Panther bull crap is waking people up,the "silent majority".They have had it with the pandering,race baiting nonsense of the current and proposed administration of the left.Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

It's the dannie media. One sided, biased, and dishonest. She just got a little excited with her part in the dumbass parade.

Anonymous said...

She was right about Trump , but as a judge should have remained silent . She is more of a "man " than Teump when she appologized . The short fingered , thumb sucking daddy' s boy with a bad rug Has never been MAN ENOUGH to admit his screw ups .

He is a turd without benefit of adulthood , mired in his anal retentive stage of development . His daddy never gave him his blessing and lil Donny Turdwolliper has never been able to overcome it .

Anonymous said...

Mr. Francis,
I would not call Justice Ginsburg's response an apology. She only regretted saying it.
What she did was against Judicial ethics. Trump on the other hand speaks from the political side where what he is saying is allowed and expected. Each of those individuals who got a jab from Trump did the same to him.

By comparing the two and the egregiousness of their conduct you are comparing apples to oranges.

Anonymous said...

She was an adult throughout this minor ordeal. Unlike the crybaby republitardian party...

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Anonymous 12:42 - pardon my French, but f**k you ässhøle. ID yourself and stand by your insults ... what no balls? I thought so.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Francis, I agree you get bashed here and often times it is not warranted. HOwever, you are one sided, and that is why I like your comments. You speak from your believes. I do not think you are dishonest - and fact just the opposite. You are an honorable man.

On the other hand the comment about the media being one sided and dishonest is spot on. It does not matter if you look at NBC, ABC, CNN Fox etc,.

I do think your positions are hurt when you stoop to the uneducated low lifes who bash you on this forum when your language drops to that of your 8:09 comments

Anonymous said...

7:20 You have to believe our hero is either dishonest or psychotic. You don't have to pick one, you can pick two if you want.

I heard him getting on the nerves of a certain Hotline host again yesterday. This time, as always, he wanted to claim his opinion as fact and the mayor wouldn't hear of it.

Apparently our great thinker is incapable of grasping the fact that the further you live from the city the longer it takes to respond to an emergency call in, be it a senior manager or a firequeen or even a water department crew. Facts are not stubborn things with Danny, they are invisible things.

And he went on to lecture us that elected officials have to be residents. Yup, he wants to dictate not just his own party line vote, but who you can vote for too. I want to ask Danny, if the majority votes for someone that lives outside of the boundary lines, does he claim to know what's better than the voters chose? The FACT IS, that elections are the ONE CASE where there is no argument for overruling the voter's choice.

But regardless, we are lucky that most city employees live outside of the city, otherwise they would keep voting themselves raises and we would have no political ability to right size the fire department.

Anonymous said...

Ginsberg has violated one of the primary codes of being a judge. Any decision she makes as Supreme Court Judge from this moment on is forever tainted, and she should be removed immediately.

This is also the woman who said the South African Constitution has it right and ours is wrong while on the bench. The bottom line is, she is a horrible Supreme Court Judge.