Friday, July 15, 2016

WDT: Rescue Sounds Unlikely for Gin Mill Facing Eviction.

   A struggling Asian restaurant turned into an impromptu nightclub has attracted big crowds, problems, and the bane of the industry, attention.
    The landlord of Ichiban  on Court Street wants to evict the tenants who he says violated the lease by changing the use and in the process creating unchecked incidents including fights and debris left scattered outside.
      A club like this can offer an intoxicating stream of cash but to run such a place you have to be there and keep things under control. Otherwise the complaints will catch up to you, and you have a case of the lunatics running the asylum.
       A person associated with the place recently ask me what to do. I said try watching Bar Rescue.  He said the show's host, Jon Taffer is a hard ass  I said that's the point.


Anonymous said...

They don't have to adapt Taffer's bumptious bullying demeaning demeanor in order to implement Taffer's ideas. That part is done for the audience. They can still set expectations, hire, fire, reward, criticize, put controls and polices in place and enforce them, in order to turn the bar around.

L.A. Moore said...

Maybe it's the "clientele" ?

Ray said...

You mean their large van won't be parked out in the way, anymore? OMG how will that be good?

Anonymous said...

Amazing that someone comes to you as a long time bar owner for advice and you tell them to watch a tv show??

Jeff Graham said...

1236. I offered my best advice and it was rejected. Only then did I discuss a consultation with Mr. Taffer.