Sunday, July 10, 2016

Report: Summer Jobs for Teens Decline Again

       Again this year the number of teens taking on summer jobs has declined. I am sure there are lots of reasons, among them adults taking some of these jobs as they are more dpendable and need the income.
       Also, the notion of work as virtue may be on the wane in a world driven by a sense of entitlement.


Anonymous said...

Not much to be added here. You are pretty much spot on.

Neighbors 15 year old grandson works at a water park 3 days a week walking around taking pics. Listen to him and you'd think he was an inch away from death by the end of the day from the work load. Things sure have changed in the last 40 years. Sad.

dajeep said...

My vote goes for #2 - The sense of entitlement. And kids nowadays think that little device they carry around and stare at constantly will solve all their problems, I think it's called an I-Phone.

Anonymous said...

dajeep is on it. I've offered very good pay for jobs around the house that I can no longer do. No responses from any young people I know. They send their parents if they think it's important enough. The world is now full of trained dannies. They are all victims. And they all are entitled.

Anonymous said...

Over the past ten years our company has seen a decline in kids coming in looking for summer work. It used to be I had to turn people away and now it's all we can do to find 2 seasonal kids to work the entire summer. Sad state of affairs.