Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reagan Shooter Released.

      The man who shot President Reagan is released from supervision at the mental hospital he was assigned to. John Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity for the 1981 attempt on the President's life outside a DC hotel. While seriously wounded Mr Reagan survived.
      Hinckley said he did it out an obsession with actress Jodi Foster. Hey, I like Ms Foster's work too, but that's no reason to shoot anyone, much less the President.


Anonymous said...

This man is truely mental and it was a good decision not to prosecute him except for one fact.
This was arranged. Mr Hinkley was used to committ this crime through suggestion of his family members and friends with the outcome guarenteed by someone. Thats what friends in high places can do..
Were these facts ever checked out...? NO.. Why?? Cant say except the person with the most to gain
just happened to be V-President at the time.
At that time as history has proven Mr George HW Bush was up to his ears involved in the Iran Contra affair where the CIA was smuggling drugs by the plane full into the US.. Later when this was found to be true neither Bush or Reagan were ever prosecuted because at least Reagan tried to stop it after he learned of it. One of the biggest Drug dealers in teh world Barry Seals confronted Bush about their dealings and was going to expose Bush at that time . Was murdered the very day after the confrontation with Bush by exCia Agents working for Oliver North who in the end took the fall for the bush family.. He remained faithful and never exposed Bush to this day..
Just alittle footnote. The very same day Regan was shot it has been reported by all the major news networks at that time that Bush family had breakfast with the Hinkley Family but I guess that was just a coincidence..

Anonymous said...

That is why we are voting for Trump. The rule of law president. There is no way that someone who shoots the president should ever see the light of day again.

Libtards are so stupid and cowardly. Too cowardly to make the dough decisions on who should be locked up or executed. They would rather let the criminals make the decision on who will be their next murder victim.

Libtards actually believe in their twisted minds that they are being humane when they let someone out on the streets to do commit more crimes or let someone into our country to commit terrorist acts. We need the death penalty if for no other reason than because eventually a liberal judge or politician will get elected and let criminals out. Lately its been under the pretense of "non violent drug offenders". I will tell you what...those people who we pretend to care about, who died of OD last week...they wouldn't have died if they didn't have "non violent" drug suppliers.

Anonymous said...


You got it right.

Anonymous said...

Now they say he's going to go live with his little old lady mother,what could possibly go wrong there?I envision him opening a motel on the grounds,they could call it the Bates Motel,you check in but not out.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

So you know for a fact that a Lib/Dem judge ruled him okay for release under the care of his 90-year old mother? Link that for us.


Born in Buffalo JD from Buffalo appointed by Bill Clinton in 1994.

Damn another GOP scandal brewing....

Anonymous said...

You're right, 10:12, The Bush family was behind the shooting of Reagan. Just like Dannie was really King of Korea. Is we high all the time or just tonight?