Saturday, July 23, 2016

Random, Unconnected Thoughts on a Saturday Night

   There was a gun raffle at the Lewis County Fair and no one got shot. Just the opposite of the adjacent county. 
    Speaking of shootings, the facts in the Munich incident were wrong in initial reports. As with other recent shootings, the "multiple gun men" ended up just one and in this case motive was not what originally thought. Frank Reynolds would roll over.
    Hey there's a touch of blacktop on Factory Street down near the Pearl Street end.... Mill Street remains closed and the other day a large truck trying to detour clipped the utility pole at Pearl and Main.
    The DNC is this week, so I'll have to watch it so I'll be informed for the show and for here
     I see Mrs. Clinton was boasting today of her new running mate "taking on the NRA.". Wonder if anyone up here will think to pin the national candidate's gun hostile statements to local Democrats.
     The greatest flip issue this year is TPP.....Trump has taken everyone from free trade, more jobs to no we don't want that job killer. Senator Tim Kean has reversed his view, as has Mrs Clinton. I don't believe either of them.
      The DNC will be relentlessly negative on Trump as that is the only way she wins, but Joe and Mika will tell us Hillary has found her voice.
      Tomorrow is Sunday. I'll be in at 8 for a regular who likes to buy his Numbers tickets for the week. But of course I will dutifully wait for noon in Andy's New York to sell any of the Devil's Brew.
      Glad you got the stink in nail salons under control, Governor.
      The last two years I have had problems with small millipede like bugs...Never saw 'em before. Anyone else ?
Gun Raffle at Lewis County Fair, Rejected at Jeff Co. Fair | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

The gun hysteria works well with golf course heroes, UnderduhDesk government employees, and those facing hormonal challenges. Most all the gun crime crime in this nation is inner city black on black. Those folks bend over farther than the past King of Korea. So the misinformation campaign, led by dumbasses and media, continues. That German thing involved a gun, Dannie. Don't they have "common sense" gun laws in Germany? And the French massacre. I was led to believe the Frenchies had "common sense" gun laws too. What is this all about, Dan? Please let us know what the latest directive is from your pants suited criminal. I just have strong confidence that you will be a great source of inaccurate and biased information. You have never let us down yet, as it were.

Anonymous said...

We won't be hearing the corrupt media noticing that citizen Kaine is "an old white guy" running on the ticket with an older white womyn.

Anonymous said...

Democrats never get the negative press. You can spin everything the dems do as hate yet the press gives them a free pass