Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Poll: Trump Boasts Healthy Upstate Numbers.

       Hillary Clinton is leading in NY by 12 points in a new Q Poll, but the GOP businessman leads upstate by the same margin.
      Those aren't horrible numbers, although Mrs. Clinton will have too much margin in the City to lose. The pair are running even in the burbs.
        The real issue is Mr. Trump's effect in upstate Senate races. Many local GOP have been antsy about Trump and refuse to endorse him.
         Case in point, our local Assembly race where only one of three GOP hopefuls has embraced Mr. Trump, and the front runner John Byrne was a Kasich supporter primary to the April primary.


Anonymous said...

Not just Senate races but ALL the races. With a healthy Trump lead like that up here, it will impact all of them. Or are you making the point that the only race that matters are the state Senate? I mean the Senate races are the only race that could make the difference between you having to give your employees six weeks paid vacation and 24 days of paid menstrual leave next year.

Anonymous said...

The dannies want DC to become a state. I'd go for that, if NY could split from the corrupt sewer that is NY City.