Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Politics , Here and There

    Democrats got around today to putting out the obligatory press release rapping Rep. Elise Stefanik for her endorsement of Donald Trump on Friday's HOTLINE, posted on NJ, a day later reported on WWNY and still waiting to be reported in the more remote precincts of media political coverage.
    The DCCC thinks it hurts her. I don't think so and after todays "favor" from the Justice Department, Trump looks better.
       Also in Congressional action, corruption fighter and Cuomo antagonist Zephyr Teachout may still face Andy's wrath. We hear Democrats over in the 19th are trying to sink their own primary winner , who, if she wins, would be an embarrassment to the Second Floor.  Ms. Teachout also faces well funded , well known and shop worn GOP candidate John Faso.
      Petitions are rapping up and an email from a key GOP leader is said to pooh pooh the Assembly bid by Olympic bobsledder Russ Finley, predicting he won't make the ballot. Jefferson County GOP committee members only gathered 18 signatures for him, although he is thought to have enough from up north. We likely will see challenges in a bid to clear the way for the party favorite which seems at this end to be John Byrne who claims to have the Indy and I lines locked down.
      The other GOP hopeful, William Sheridan, has been pretty quiet so far.
       Only Mr. Byrne showed up at the monument ceremony last week where Assemblywoman Russell was present but not asked to speak and not acknowledged by name.
       Races are made now when the BOE dance in Albany goes on and the election law lawyers turn on the meter.
       Ironically, while corruption has faded with the departure of Speaker Silver, it rises again with the Hillary Clinton non-indictment and the notion of privilege will animate voters. That and gun control has resurfaced, post Orlando, and that's not an issue that favors the incumbent.
        Better messaging and marketing by Ms. Russell is evident, and the GOP's inability to articulate a coherent message locally leaves the race advantage Russell at the beginning....but it was that way two years ago too.


Anonymous said...

Last time I chickened out and voted for Byrne. This time I will vote for AJR, rather than vote for Byrne. Especially since she had the good taste not to speak at the monument ceremony that the public does not support.

Lets face it, one more Republican in the assembly will not help us in any way. and if it is RINO Byrnes it will actually hurt us, as he votes on 99 percent of the womyns are more equal than men issues.

Middle-Class Mike said...

"We fight for honest Gov't in Albany, NY, as our Governor appears a possible candidate to serve jail time next year! AJR has disgraced herself and John Byrne is now the 'change' candidate who will fight to bring decency back to Albany, NY" Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike

Anonymous said...

stalking can get your ass put in jail to mikey. hows yer report to the dnc comin?

Anonymous said...

Jeff ANON 8:27 is crossing a line into the harassment zone!