Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pledges Mean Little

    Lots of people talk about "the pledge", the agreement to support the party nominee that some candidates have discarded.
   We have a pledge locally. In the AD116 there was a pledge to support the winner of the GOP primary by the other two. So said Chair Don Coon on the HOTLINE yesterday.
    That pledge is complicated by the fact one candidate is on three me-too lines regardless of the GOP primary results.


Anonymous said...

This is true. But where the pledge must do work is with the voters. If Bynre loses the Republican Primary (which is likely based on the overwhelming support for Sheridan) then the voters MUST NOT waste their votes by voting for him on the "me too" lines. Those votes will do nothing more than split the party and we will be in for more Addie Safe Act and Dream Act legislation

Anonymous said...

LOL 1128. Sheridan has single little support in the race. Of course, neither do Byrn or Finley. Don't bother, Byrn will win the R line and Adelaide will sail to victory...

Ray said...

Mouth full of lies Ted promised it. Made Mr. Trump sign it. He sucks. He should be asked to hand in his card.

Anonymous said...

Agh, the Grover Norquist(sp) days are over!!
As well as the republucan party, says W

Anonymous said...

Good Bye all GOP assholes !,

BYe m bye bye , ya did this to yourselves , letting assholes take over your party , and now with this Orange Topped idiot heading up your freakshow , you are over , cooked , gonzo !!

Anonymous said...

846.. All the democratic welfare (free stuff) people who want globalisim and want to worship king Obama stick with your thoughts and good luck. Me,, well I cant wait for this country to start being great again

Anonymous said...

8:46, We understand your potty mouth name calling is a desperate act you resort to because you find republican ideas too compelling to argue agaisnt. But when you live in glass houses you should not throw stones, lest it be pointed out that there are is no group more repugnant and asshole to the core than the people who have hijacked the democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Actuall this is 8:46 and i agree BOTH PARTIES. Are lead by mean spirited , greedy , self surving incompetant. AND PLEASE Republican Ideas !!!! Seriiously ?? REally. ?? What would THEY be ??

Hate speech
Take care ofyour pac master and screw thworking class

Start wars to grease your palms and those of your buddies
Pay no taxes
Create your labor force in the Third world

You want me to buy into that ?? you are FN crazy 8:47