Thursday, July 7, 2016

Plattsburgh Plan Seemed to Have More Meat on the Bone

    The proposal that resulted in Plattsburgh winniing the Governors regional downtown iniative featured a multi story building to become the focal point for retail and the arts.
     The unsuccessful Watertown proposal never seemed to have an actual proposal and reports said the planning dollars that are part of the award would be used to lay out the actual plan.
      Sort of a why our downtown deserves it and then we will get specific. A rally was held to impress decision makers, but it never seemed to be explained.
      Now getting involved in the hunger games is always something you have to wonder about, and  frankly seeing it go out east is no surprise.
      When the lobbyist/rainmakers were hired in January to get grants, Councilwoman Macaluso said she would give them six months for results. We are at that mark.
       I'd be the first to say these "competitions" are in some ways like Lucy and the football, but you go for it hoping the result will be different.


Anonymous said...

I was worried about this from the beginning. Our city manager, planning department and mayor failed Watertown with their lack of any plan. I read that the other plans were done by some of the respective city planning departments and wondered why ours had not done the same. Seems like they have plenty of time to plan the monument that no one wanted but didn't have time for something that would have benefited the entire north country. Sad actually.

Anonymous said...

Are you really this naive? The reason all the smart people believe in limiting government, is they all know that human nature dictates that "prizes" like these will not be handed out based on merit, anymore than charges against a former first lady will be forthcoming. In addition, no governor has been more corrupt, political and quid pro quo than the sitting governor in NY.

Usually you just dismiss this as politics. But today you think this was a legitimate contest? Sure it was. Just like it was a legitimate job contest when June, Dede and Darrel got their jobs after leaving office.

So given what we know, that their are no angles we can elect, who will act fairly and just, and that Cuomo is Satan, the best thing to do is not vote for a budget that included Christmas gifts for Andy to hand out to people in exchange for favors.

Anonymous said...

853 you are wrong again. As Jeff has pointed out, these types of competitive grants require more than just a blah, blah, blah proposal. Our downtown needs a good shot in the arm and this money may have been very helpful in this process. However, a lack of vision and no real plan by our city leadership has cost us once again. Their solution? Hire a consultant!!!! Pay him thousands of dollars of our money and get nothing in return. Just more of the same.