Monday, July 4, 2016

News 7 Makes Something Out of Nothing, Film at Eleven - 7NEWS Denver

   There's a channel 7 in Denver that can feign outrage on demand. Some young ladies who work at Hooter''s volunteered at a Cub Scout camp and posed for pix with the lads. They were wearing shorts and hoodies.
      "Once we started asking questions, Hooters took the photos off Facebook," crowed the channel 7 reporter.
       Nothing worse than reporters who have an unbound sense of their own importance and piety. It is a good way to get pretty girls on the news, which is always a ratings builder.
Parents outraged after Hooters sponsors Cub Scout camp, sends over Hooters girls - 7NEWS Denver


Anonymous said...

Apparently, junk news is not something unique to NNY.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how I can get signed up for that camp? I would be willing to bet you that all the boy scouts (and probably their fathers too) absolutely loved the camp and the fact that these young women choose to lend a hand there. I love the idea.... Let's loosen up a bit people.... Would be really be complaining if they were from any other business (Walmat etc...)? Probably not. Total BS.

Anonymous said...

What nonsense,these girls are only a few years older than the cub scouts,looks like they were acting like big sisters to the boys.Of course some people with dirty minds have to make something rotten out of it,probably the jealous ugly broads with faces like Mack trucks.