Monday, July 18, 2016

NY 21 Race Pretty Quiet..For a Reason.

    Last week a Democrat friend of mine who is into politics messaged me to say he was going to meet The Colonel with an eye towards sizing up his party's prospects against Rep. Elise Stefanik. I never heard back from him which tells me those prospects are not so good.
    Meanwhile Rep. Stefanik has signs out and commercials and ads up and running.
     This race is not competitive so it looks like the Derrick's will have to get by on a pair of O-6 pensions.
     Not a bad life.


Anonymous said...

She has an opponent?

Anonymous said...

I vote for Ms Stefanik, but I really would like to hear more about things other than ft drum. Can she explain why the few manufacturers we have left are leaving for states such as Pennsylvania like I read today? Let's not forget, our area used to be a staple of industry and tourism before the post came in. Drives me nuts that this beautiful area is driven by an army base. We're not what we used to be, and it sucks.

Anonymous said...

Amen, 7:58. Stefanik is 'owned' by Ft Drum & Puerto Rico money interests.

Mr. Graham spoke of the fresh ideas of Stefanik two yrs ago. I differed then, & I still maintain she has nothing new to offer but the usual; Ft Drum, Lake Placid Olympics, oh, wait! The proposal for a "Military Retiree Day"! Silly me; I thought Military Retiree Day was the 1st of every month.

Anonymous said...


Insightful comment.

Anonymous said...

Elise needs to address the recent job losses in this area and focus to bringing more . The missile defense site would be great. Good manufacturing jobs would as well.

Ft. Drum isn't NY-21's only employer!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Actually I believe Mrs. Derrick is a ret. Lt. Col (or as the says LTC) and not a bird colonel. Don't you just hate nitpickers? (smile)

Anonymous said...

Stefanik is going to bury him. I would hate to be any Demtard running for office.

It will be downright embarrassing for the schmuck, he just doesn't understand how his party is going to dump him quicker than Woolf. He was warned early on that he was just going to be a placecard.

Anonymous said...

Quite apparent why the guy was pink slipped by Obama's Dept. of Defense and hasn't been employed or employable for many years.