Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nottinghamshire Police to make wolf-whistling a hate crime | Daily Mail Online

      Whistling at a pretty woman walking by is so 50s, but is it a 'hate crime'.?  Some think so and the police in Britain are cracking down.
         Yesterday the media says President Obama revealed the fissures in our democracy and adroitly bound together a grieving nation on edge and nervous Huh?
         Donald Trump says on FOX that the term 'black lives matter' is divisive and the morning shows say its another example of a floundering campaign, yet polls out today have him up in FL and PA.
        On and on it goes. The hyperbole of talking heads and media with repeated tingles up their collective leg.
         The most used media scam is feigning their own outrage or dismay and then getting reaction to it.....News where there was none.
Nottinghamshire Police to make wolf-whistling a hate crime | Daily Mail Online


Anonymous said...

not seeing "black lives matter" as divisive is an example of the press not getting it. The movement stands for fact that cops are bad and must change. The movement makes labels all cops as enemies, encourages the radicals that support them to demonize police and make it impossible for them to do their jobs.

Aren't the liberals for the position it is not what you mean but what the words mean. If I say transgender males to females who still have a penis should not be in my locker room I am labeled homophobic, anti transgender because they read my statement as someone who opposes transgender people as opposed to a statement that says lets make some reasonable rules so all segments of society are comfortable.

Truly a double standard exists in this country. If you side with the liberals (which most of the press does) you can say anything and not be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Our disgusting president took his opportunity to speak at a police funeral, to give credence to the political beliefs of the assassin. Even if it were true that police abuse blacks at a greater level than they abuse other races, it is not a reason to randomly shoot innocent Dallis cops. And it is not the time to even bring up the shooters alleged grievance, even if it was not based on lies.

You know, BLM was started after Zimmerman was found not guilty. We know Zimmerman killed a black man, but we don't know if it was justified or not. At the same time we know that there are many more whites murdered by blacks and the black culprit is not convicted. Like OJ for instance. And that was hands down, a biased racist jury that let him get away with murder. I didn't riot or start a terrorist hate group.

When is Clarkson going to rescind those honorary degrees? Are they going to stand in lockstep with the liberal media forever and deny reality?

Anonymous said...

This anti whistling move is simply common sense legislation, as the dannies would say. There's no room in our world for assaulting women, and some men of course, by sending sounds of appreciation in their direction. This sexist, phobic, Republican inspired hatred towards women (and some men of course) has to stop now. Like the Dannie said about racism, this has no place in our world. NY21 and Klaptrap, I'm sure you would agree on this. Every time I heard someone whistle at a woman (and some men) it brought pain to my very being. Whistles are hate. Whistles matter. If this is allowed to continue, no women (and some men) are safe, even the lying Pants Suit. Well, maybe the lying Pants Suit is ok, as it were.

Max Volume said...

Wolf-whistling, no.
Cat-calling, YES!