Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Not as Many Zombies as You May Have Thought, But Still a Lot

      City Council got its best look yet at what are called a zombie homes.  Assessor Brian Phelps told lawmakers there are about 150 homes spinning out of control, either owned by a bank through forclosure, orphaned by owner death or abandonment, or one of any number of other scenarios.
      Compiling the data is sound policy as understanding the issue is better than just the 'zombie' buzz word.
      Ironically, Council was told the situation has improved due to pressure on banks to move thngs along.
      Not moving so far are two homes the city got from Wells Fargo. They need to be sold or demolished.
      New state legislation is being credited with helping as well.
      There are still houses vacant that are not true zombies. Two on my block. One because the owner chooses to keep it vacant but maintains it and the other in the process of being fixed up.
      One infamous one on Ten Eyck will stay that way as even sold, the cost of repair exceeds its value as a single family home and because its lost its 'grandfather' status it can no longer be a multi family. In some cases, economics and zoning conspire with lack of stewardship to a zombie plodding along.


Anonymous said...

The Military has a "Walkaway Clause" in their mortgages, get transferred from Ft. Drum just walk, don't like the house walk...

Anonymous said...

I lived in one of the apartments in the Ten Eyck Street multifamily. The house is truly beautiful and could be restored. I pray our city Council can find some way to make an exception for this piece of property that will allow it to be restored, even if it has a couple of apartments. The lot was huge and there is absolutely NO reason to tear it down. Think outside the box people. If you need some help, call me!

Anonymous said...

I believe their are more zombie in the City. Just in my close neighborhood two of them.
6:33 AM Is right, this two homes where also occupied by soldiers. It is way to easy for them to get out of this responsibility and stick the community or the Bank,s or even the VA with it.

The Problem will worsen when more Military Unites will be transferred away from Fort Drum. Nobody seem interested or want to talk about it, that already nearly 4000 Soldiers have left. As t he biggest number was 19000 and is now 15000. Why we do not here about that secret from our representatives like Ms. Stefanik or Mrs. Richie?
That supporting Fort Drum rally was a nice dog and pony show for the people her for the people to believe that they had anything to say in this decision.

There will be more Zombie Homes and more empty rentals, if this trend is going on.