Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New York offers Democrats chance to trim GOP House majority

   I don't see it but some of these prognosticators are listed our NY 21 as a seat in play as Democrats try to regain the majority. National Democrats are committing resources here and that may be why Rep. Elise Stefanik is starting early with lawn signs appearing and radio ads I noticed on the program log today.
   Another seat being targeted is NY 19 where the Z gal is running for an open seat against veteran GOP pol John Faso.
    One of my political hack friends down that way thinks the Z gal has a shot, but you have to think Rep. Stefanik is solid here against the Colonel.
     New York offers Democrats chance to trim GOP House majority


Anonymous said...

Stefanik is rock solid here against ANYBODY. Well...maybe Obama could win if he ran against her...but other than that, no one has a shot. I expect the Harvard Gal to best her old record of 55% and it will probably be in the neighborhood of the 61% that she garnered against Fratty Matty.

I would like to see the Teachout tax returns. We can finally figure out if she paid income tax where she claims she lived. Talk about corruption.

Funny that Teachout can't count on any votes from I mean sellout, as his voters will stay home rather than vote for Hilldog.

Anonymous said...

I think the teachcrap babe has a real good chance. NYS is full of party liners. She's a fruitcake for sure, but she's the right kind of fruitcake. The presumed vagina makes her almost unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

I think the democrats could pick up two seats in NY. Teachout would have had a chance to beat Cuomo in two years, not likely now.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

You're right in this area Ms. Stefanik is probably safe, but the GOP is in deep trouble across the country with their blocking and blocking and do-nothing except more blocking.

Anonymous said...

BS, Dannie. The problem is not blocking, it's allowing your hero, excuse me, the other hero to ruin the country. Not that this would concern a party caboose like you.

Anonymous said...


You do know, that the other side believes that the GOP caves to the majority of the dem demands and only shows a backbone, when not doing so would cost them re-election. This is not going to be a wave election. I expect Hillary to win the popular vote, but the Electoral College is currently to close to call. Control of both Houses will remain with the GOP.

Anonymous said...

The liberals love it when congress "does something" until they don't. Like the federal law banning marijuana that congress passed, they don't like that and choose to ignore it.
Like the federal law requiring illegal aliens to be deported, they don't like that and they are fine with our sleeper cell president ignoring that law too.
The federal "three strikes" law?...ohhh our golf course heroes hate that because its racist and so they choose not to use it.
Minimum sentencing guidelines?...hate that too and ignore it.
In fact, they re-label violent drug offenders as "non violent" and let them out of prison in order to ignore the laws passed by congress.

So just so there is no misunderstanding...when the golf course heroes complain about a "do nothing congress" they are complaining when congress doesn't rubber stamp all of Obama's whack job policies and spending sprees.

Anonymous said...

8:09 While I agree with you on your many points we have to give Dannie some credit for his loyalty to his party.

He is correct that Ms. Stefanik is 'safe' but incorrect on the rest of the country being in trouble. Far from it.

While Dannie has stated he will not be voting for Stefanik's opponent which is odd being of the same party, he has not divulged his reasons. On this one point of Dan I concur. Being a retired military the dots just don't connect with this guy. He has changed party registration a gazillion times, was he one of the first to be pink slipped from Obama's planned decimated army ranks, what is with this stay at home Dad crap for 5+ years!!!!! finding joy mingling with stay at home Moms and planning play dates. Last but not least what kind of on the front line fighting has he been involved in giving him a bronze.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, 10:21, when it comes down to it, our boy will vote Donkey. They own him and his type. He does this "independent" act to try to show he can think for himself. Not sure who he is kidding.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the blocking is done by both sides. The liberal media portrays the Republicans in worse light so those that are educated by the MSM are excused for their ignorance.

The democrats saying they want to work with the republicans is no better than the republicans saying they will work with the democrats. It means nothing.