Friday, July 29, 2016

New Dem Hack Attack....Will It Reveal Secret NY 21 Strategy ?

   The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has acknowledged their emails have been hacked of lately.
    The DCCC orchestrates campaigns in districts across the country and decides which CDs are in play. The DCCC is purportedly active in our district on behalf of The Colonel..
     Maybe there are some tidbits out there.


Anonymous said...

Juicy tibits about the placeholder failed individual the NY21 Democrats

Look no further than what they wrote and said about Bernie. Maybe the schmuck will be asking for his own apology when he reads what they think of his losing campaign.

He has been had!

Come on let's get it out there.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how there would be anything out there. Cook Report, Roll call say this is solidly safe in GOP and not even on anyone's radar.

Betcha the Green Baker gets mentioned in those hacked emails more than the Candidate Democrat.

I even read somewhere that Stefanik is pulling more support from the union types than Candidate Democrat.

What will be really embarrassing if there are actual polling data and she really is spanking him.

Stefanik wins 60+ and bye bye crybaby Candidate Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Where did you read that stefanik is receiving such union support 1256? Find that hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

Sample email on Derrick, Butttttt buttttThe guy is white, he needs to check his white privilege and where is his white guilt? Are his kids bi,gay,trani, well why not. Is or are the kids registered Dems., has he a daughter, she better be a lesbian. Son, he better be gay. He better be a staunch supporter of Black Lives Matter. He doesn't know who Tawaany Brawley is? Get him up to speed on The Rev. Al Sharpton and the party's stand on the guilty policing throughout the US and how we wish to nationalize the police. Does he understand criminal justice reform means free all the criminals no matter what the crime. Just because there are more black on black crime and murders he should be able to talk himself around this fact. Michael Brown, he needs to understand that even though he didn't have his hands up and did not cry out don't shoot while he was reaching inside the police car for the officers gun to shoot him we still need him to go with the narrative about all the police pigs out there.

Welcome to your new adoptive sleezy Democrat party.

Anonymous said...

1256.. You should be able to vote in about probably about 10 years.