Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Focus Group in the Pete's Parking Lot Tells A Lot

    I was chatting with a couple getting ready to move back to their native Ohio after wrapping up a military career with ten years at Fort Drum. We chatted about their state and they quizzed me on what famous person was born in Steubenville, OH. It was Dean Martin.
    Very nice people and I joked to them their vote will be important as they are moving to a "swing" state. 
     The lady sighed and said she just wants to go home to the Buckeye State. Her husband chimed in, "they both suck."
       And so it goes in the election of 2016, where no one is enthused and no one likes anyone.
        I thanked them for their service and wished them a safe trip home. Patriots, yes....Enthused about the Nation's future...Not so much.
Donald Trump-Mike Pence show premieres in New York | Daily Mail Online

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Anonymous said...

VERY Sad. Clearly, the important thing for any observer to note is that the one in the pants suit sucks much more than the other guy.

And that the other guy is in favor of common sense things like reducing illegal immigration and admitting that it is Muslim extremists who threaten us, therefore he can untie the hands of our govenrment, so that they don't ignore the warning signs that have been there in each and every Muslim extremist attack on our country.