Monday, July 11, 2016

Multiple shootings reported at Berrien County Courthouse-Could It Happen Here ? Ubetcha

    The shooting death of two bailiffs at a county courthouse in St. Joseph Michigan today brings to mind the long suspect security at our City Court.  It's time to get that fixed before something bad happens when someone is getting a dog license.

Multiple shootings reported at Berrien County Courthouse |


Anonymous said...

The Country is coming apart at the seams. Not only don't the Liberals have the answers. The cause of the Country coming apart at the seams ultimately can be traced to fifty (50) years of Liberal policies.

Anonymous said...

So what is the answer Einstein? Do you have one, or are you just another clueless crybaby?

Anonymous said...

825.. Try reading about Drugs.. Then try reading history about Germany, Russia etc and drugs. Read further to reach any conclusion and see who supplies these drugs to America..
When you done in a week or so tell me how many times you read CIA, upheaval of Government,, Arms manufacturers and especially the names Bush, Clinton...
Many many sites to reference good luck.

Anonymous said...

A sex offender killed himself in our courthouse a year or two ago. Billy Blake killed two sheriffs in Onondaga county courthouse back in 1987. We are putting these people in prison for a reason. There is a good reason to keep them away from your gun when you are watching them in court.

Anonymous said...

8:25 unfortunately you are myopic , the political parties on both side of th aisle are at fault.

Neither has led , neither has done anything and both have sold out to the PACS .

The American century is OVER ,our jobs have gone overseas , our economy has been placed on a two decade long hold , we have been subjected to a slow. But steady sapping of spirit and we have become calcified in terms of ethical leadership .

We have become weakened in spirit because he once great middle class has been destroyed because of the greed of our war mongering military industrial complex AND THEIR PAID FOR MINIONS in Washington , and the greed pigs on Wall St and their paid minions in DC .

Open your eyes , or have you too been anethesized to reality like most who place blame on one party or another .? They both suck and could care less about YOU and I .

Anonymous said...

8:25, throwing the blame at "liberals" and "liberal policies" for all of the worlds problems, is what keeps us from getting anything done.

You blame "liberal policies," but of course fail to cite one. In reality, liberal policies protect your civil liberties. Do you know what the definition of liberalism is? Not Rush Limbaugh's definition, but the real world definition. Here it is, right from Merriam-Webster:

Liberalism - a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties.

Of course, we could continue the neo-con approach of sending our youth to die in wars of choice, militarizing our police force, invading your privacy, and incarcerating kids for smoking a joint; as we have been doing for the last 40+ years. Or, we could try a more liberal approach of respecting individual freedoms, defending our borders from home, treating policing as a public service instead of an occupying force, and protecting privacy.

Instead of throwing the blame at something you clearly don't understand, you should look in the mirror, because you're part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

We have met the enemy and it is us , for supporting flawed candidates like Trump and Clinton. Neither is worthy of our vote .

Where is the ethical leadership in this country ? Do principled people get involved in politics .? Do we care ? Why have we not sent a massage that this malaise needs to be addressed ? Why are't good folks willing to run for office ? Why are we asleep at the switch and willing to accept obviously terrible candidates? Why haven't third parties ever been effective in getting elected in numbers that can effect change ?

What happens when we leave it to the other guy or worse yet THE PACS ?? We get TRUMP and CLINTON , thats what happens.

Why are we willing to sell America to these PACs ?? We need to get it together . We are much stronger TOGETHER ,tahn we are ensconced in camps based on perceived divsions . We used to a few generations ago COMPROMISE and get shit done , why do we accept anyone for office who FAILS to get this ?.

Anonymous said...

Nope, 8:25 is right. The decay of society is directly related to the destruction of the family and the loss of any kind of work ethic. This can be traced to the continuing purchase of votes from people who want freestuff paid for by others. And 3:33 and the other hormone depleted deep thinkers, this is about liberalism. Take credit for your stupidity and be proud.

Anonymous said...

@8:27 PM
Amen to that.

There are presidential candidates with integrity out there For example Jill Stein. She will never have a chance, because she is the green party candidate and in US "Green Party" equals Communism. I am not a fan of the European green parties and their refugee politics, but in US it is still different.
Also Gary Johnson one of the libertarian candidates seems to be a good choice.
Unfortunately this votes are wasted, but with the election system in the US, it is easy to cheat anyway, the popular vote never wins.
Election Computer can be manipulated. People can go do different election places , as there is no ID check and vote multiple times.
Hell they can even get their dog or cat to vote.
The whole system is crooked.
Starting with the conventions, then what sense does it make to hold primaries,when so called super delegates. can do what ever they want to do or are told so and do not have to obey to the voters?
Or in case of the Reps they can just get another candidate "out of the hat" like crooked Ryan.

We have this both candidates, because the powers behind them, Banks, international corporations and the military complex need people they can control and this candidates have enough dirt on them to be controlled and will do what they have been told to do.