Thursday, July 21, 2016

WDT: Mercy Getting Over Regulatory Hurdles

     The Mercy Heights project is plodding forward with construction of the first phase to start this calendar year.
      It will be interesting to see the end result.


Anonymous said...

This is odd. Our paper of record has somehow managed to print the original misleading rendering of the project, which was used to hoodwink people into supporting the project. Why didn't they print the the latest updated depiction, which shows a cheap ugly building with the beauty of a dollar store? No wait, it looks like the Henry Keep building on the square. Disgusting.

Here, let me supply a link to the depiction of the actually project, instead of the fake one the WDT's printed today:

The city council needs to put the brakes on this project by declaring a moratorium on new housing construction, as an excuse. Next they need to let the developer know that the first floor of each building fronting the streets, must be commercial rather than residential. And most importantly, the city needs to demand that the project be built with a pleasing architecture, rather than the bait and switch project that is being proposed.

The city holds the cards. They have a right to require open spaces and public spaces for a project this size. They have the right to tax this vacant property at a premium rate too. Just as an example of what planning boards are supposed to do, look at the Walmart built in Potsdam and how much better it looks than the one built in the TOW and the one in the town of Leray.

Anonymous said...

Great!! more Vacant houses in Watertown after the mercy project is finished.

Anonymous said...

852 is absolutely correct. We were hoodwinked with a classic bait and switch. The final project is nothing like what what was proposed. During last years local campaigns one of the candidates proposed that an arena should have been build on the space as a means to re-invegorate our downtown. Bet we would have gotten the 10,000,000 grant if this had been the plan. Once again a real lack of vision on the part of our local leaders. This project is a joke and will do nothing to help the downtown businesses.