Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Media Going for Trifecta to Discredit Trump | TheHill

    I watched the RNC last night and thought the show was pretty good....the speeches were the red meat convention goers like and it was interesting. There was even a little rules tussle that made it interesting.

    This morning the media had declared the first day a disaster....Just like they ridiculed the VP process as "reality TV" and described the roll out of Governor Pence as flawed and awkward.....

     The VP and the RNC were two of the three ways for Donald Trump to position himself for a win. With those discredited , it's a question of the debates, which surely Mrs. Clinton will be declared the overwhelming winner.

       The media is corrupt and now we discover Megyn Kelly is piling on by claiming old Roger hit on her a decade ago.

       Oh and on the Melania speech. Doesn't any "crime" a motive ? What is the motive in seeking to equate herself with Michelle Obama ? There isn't any.

Trump looks to turn things around after shaky start to convention | TheHill


Anonymous said...

Whiny ass crybaby Jeff, do you own a mirror?

Anonymous said...

7:17, you have to develop your own material, per se. Talk with a dannie. On second thought, don't.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, 12:23 made a funny... except it isn’t.

Yeah, you may want to look into developing a few brain cells before you offer any
more ignorant opinions. Per se.