Friday, July 22, 2016

Media Declares RNC an Abject Failure - POLITICO Magazine

   Worst by what standard ? Chris Matthews ? Rachel Maddow ?

    The RNC gave us four days of speeches and successfully nominated a national ticket.

     But the media, anxious to keep a finger on the scale made up controversy after controversy....And when they were short on words, there's always the lack of diversity...and when a minority is at the podium, it's the crowd that is not diverse.

     They even found a way to involve David Duke.

      Crooked Hillary ?  She's pristine compared to crooked media.

       Oh, the NBC Decision Desk has just declared next week's DNC an inspiring, inclusive and issue oriented session that respected the dignity of all.

The Worst Convention in U.S. History? - POLITICO Magazine


Anonymous said...

Oh come on , i hate Clinton BUT the Republican fiasco in Cleveland was a serious shitshow .

Trump came across as a sociopath , deranged , delusional, self absorbed . There was NO One there of substance to carry his water . A list celebs and pols avoided this like it was a full on Zika attack. He only had his family and the mindless TRUMKINS in attendance, and i saw beaucoup EMPTY seats .

The GOP is in total disarray and may never recover and they have only themselves to blame for being the party o
NO , no programs , no vision , no clue and no understanding that the minorities taht the orange topped psych berated ARE the majority and he has lost them !

dajeep said...

The MEDIA is an Abject failure.

Anonymous said...

The word corruption comes from the term Media today. We seen what we seen and we are awed at Trump and the stupidity of anyone who would vote for Hillary Clinton..People who like to control things buy stock in these media companies.
David Duke today announced his bid for the US Senate and will get full Clinton support

Anonymous said...

6:39 keep thinking that way. Your thoughts which mirror the MSM is what is going to elect Trump. The MSM and you are clueless, you do not know what the public is upset about, do not know what we are looking for and do not understand that you could be wrong. Do you think the majority of the population is buyng the crap the MSM is selling.

Next week everything will be great even though the democrats are infighting more than the republicans, 1/2 the dems thinks that Hillary stole the nomination from the Bern and she did with the very undemocratic super delegates that the democrats have. Those delegates where established so the party insiders can insure themselves of picking the nominee. If the Republicans had a rule like that the press would be all over it and would not let the republican nominee forget he was not picked in a fair and democratic way.

rick aldrich, USMC said...

6:39; your party is just beginning. DNC e-mails undercutting Bernie Sanders, your president who joked about Trump overstating terrorism, before the Munich attacks, and then interjecting humor at a somber moment. Yup, the Democratic party aught to be a doozy. Can't wait. Remember, when you point the finger, two more are pointing back at you. The Democrat party forgets this.

Anonymous said...

Trump is toast, and Hillary is likely not as bad or great as people make her out to be. She will be the next prez, and will probably do fine, especially if the Senate can be jockeyed away from the idiot Republicans, and this long nightmare will mercifully be over.

Anonymous said...

Unless the polling changes VERY soon, It's Hillary's all the way. The candidates may, but the numbers don't lie.

Anonymous said...

She will smoke that bad rugged idiot with small hands