Monday, July 11, 2016

Loose Ends

     The City website still lists Mike Sligar as water czar nearly two weeks after he retired. We had noted here a utilities manager from the City of Auburn, who briefly worked for DANC,   There's been no announcement and the media has been mum.
       Speculation is rampant on who gets the Wilson Pakula for the C line among the three GOP candidates for Assembly That announcement should come Monday after the Thursday petition deadline.
        Word is a primary looms for another Assembly Member whose district touches NNY.. Marc Butler's district extends into SLC and he is thought to be facing a challenger.
         A bit of an oops for local Conservatives as the State Committee  petition they and their GOP masters have been circulating was in error with one candidate from Hannibal listed. That community is not in NY21 and that's how they select State Committee.
       Over two years after it being promised in a campaign, the so called landlord registration law has still not be introduced at City Hall. Word is passage prospects are dim despite calls for passage from across the street.    
        Joe and Mika went to Nantucket together for the weekend....still no Mimosa Law, and the Lachenauer Plaza fountain remains on its side on Marble Street.
        Some things change and some don't.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love it Mayor!
You turn over the reins to a city free of zombie houses, street lamp poles properly set out of the way of pedestrians, a showcase affordable arena ready to open it's doors as well as it's kitchen to a solid booked series of events and a functional fountain sitting prominently in place and now look at it.
Utter chaos in just a matter of a few months.

Anonymous said...

Is that what wouls be known as tongue in cheek 3:30?