Monday, July 25, 2016

July A Rough Month, But It Doesn't Get Much Attention.

   Seven heroin overdose deaths this month in Watertown...That was the revelation on today's HOTLINE.  The latest , a 29 year old woman.
   What's going on ?


Anonymous said...

It's the trees, Jeff. If you walk under certain trees in Watertown that evil, hate filled heroin drops right down an gits ya. Careful where you walk. A lot of folks have taken to wearing helmets.

Anonymous said...

What's going on? No one is serious about fighting the number one cause of death for our young people.
Certain politicians classify drug dealers as "non-violent offenders".
You can report drug activity to the cops all day long and they do nothing.
You can report drug activity in public housing and they're afraid to evict them because their drug use is "a disability".
You can report parolees using drugs and they have credo "monitor" them.

Anonymous said...

The trouble is there's no poppy fields in Watertown yet it's everywhere, time to forget about resource officers in schools, forget about busting people for weed.........

Dapper Dane said...

Steal a candy bar from Stewart's...get arrested
Run a drug ring out of NYC and get local kids hooked on the junk... $$$profit$$$

Unless you stab someone like CoCo whippin it in the kitchen, no one cares...except for Paul Kersey

Anonymous said...

What's going on?

What's going on is that in the real world, actions have consequences, that's what going on.

Anonymous said...

I like all the news stories,all of sudden these people are father or mother of the year,like all the crap they did was nothing, but they are angels who just innocently got hit by a truck of cocaine or heroin.

Anonymous said...

@ agree with all the posters , for special @7:43 PM

We had neighbors- Section 8 housing for a while- till they ended up in jail. They neglected and abused their 5 children, they had only to get more money out of the welfare system. All the money went for drugs, even the 1000 Dollar Food Stamps money they sold.
The kids where also used as drug carriers or to big drugs up. When the children where taken away, and they both ended up in court. This mother of the year, was overheard saying, it doesn't matter, she can make more.
By the way, even the grand ma was in it as a seller and user and took the kids in the middle of the night to drug shopping tours.
The sad story? The police knew about, Child protection agency knew about it, but nothing happened. Excuse? They wanted to catch the big dealer and this is a generational welfare family.
Drug users are usually also dealers , because they have to finance their habit.
They should be charged like alcoholics, when they brake the law, while stealing, selling drugs, driving under the influence of Drugs or make money with prostitution.
The society has no sympathy for alcoholics , why should there a different level of laws for drug addicts.