Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ivanka Trump jabs her finger as the entire family shoot daggers at Ted Cruz  | Daily Mail Online

      It was high drama and interesting. The Ted Cruz turning hero's welcome into a Boos Cruz, as the Boston Herald and surely other papers coined as the headline.
       This morning the experts were chattering that the conflict and chaos people with nothing to do all day were reporting on was perhaps more design than not.
        The RNC has been more interesting as a result.
         By the way, there was one guy in the crowd with a "lock her up" sign, but TV must have shown him a hundred times as the sentiment has been deemed to mean and hateful.
         Of course next week, all of "Bernie's" supporters will come over, Hillary will find her voice, and all the speakers will be wonderful. 
         For Republicans it comes down to tonight and the speech by Mr. Trump.
Ivanka Trump jabs her finger as the entire family shoot daggers at Ted Cruz  | Daily Mail Online


Anonymous said...

Jeff, Amazed you sought to bring light to these photoshots of this clan. Has everyone had enough of these media seeking w###res? Sour pusses on each one of the Kardisian like bimbos.

Last week even one of the brothers alluded to how nasty wee innocent Ivanki can be.

Grow up sister, you are not entitled to diddly squat!

Spoiled friggin brat!

Anonymous said...

Yeeh Gaddz, Ugly ugly facial faces. Looks like the most pouty one has longer fingers than The Donald.

Trump Housewives, all in a row, if looks could kill sad commentary of what and how the GOP has been hijacked.

We are trading trash with more cakeup of makeup trash.

How can people be so stupid?

Anonymous said...

Last I knew the Canadian Cruzer manufactures no goods in China or and other armpits of the world.
Not so for Trumps. As soon as Ivanka pulls her clothing and shoe lines out of that Communist country, she needs to pipe down. :D

Anonymous said...

The brother claims the daughter and Donald have a very unusual relationship, closer than most and very atypical of a father and daughter.

Now the daughter is BFF with Chelsea Clinton and has been a registered Democrat up and until Daddy entered the race. It has been posted that she and the brother were even unable to vote in the primary for Daddy since they were too stupid to fill out a change of registration.

Give Doanld and Daddy girl credit, they steamed rolled the Reps.

Anonymous said...

If Trump was smart he'd let his kids give all of his speeches for him. They deliver better...come to think of it, any one of them would make a better president.

Anonymous said...

Cruz should have stayed home. His speech has cost him any chance of becoming President. The GOP candidates this season were among the best in memory. They are now all soiled goods. Trump will win, but who will come after?

Anonymous said...

Yet another STEPFORD WIFE with zero understanding ofthe light of the middle class " Her entitled attitude and vacant glaze over staring is advertisement that. " There is NO there , there " She and her cobbled together siblings from multiple dalliances are as vacant and vacuuous as the Kardashians ..

Oh pardon me , i forgot , they like the Kardashians are ALL just reality show creations , no substance and just furniture for The Vulgarian's Freakshow in Cleveland .

Middle-Class Mike said...

"Only a fool goes 'all in' against the House"

The universally despised Mr. Cruz, and no more than in the Senate where Sen. Mitch McConnell hates him with a passion, decided to bet against the house last night. Mr. Trump a man who's owned a few Casino's in his day, let Cruz into his house to make a foolish bet, & than raked in all the chips! Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Rick Aldrich USMC said...

Can't wait to read next weeks blogging by our Democratic friends.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, what’s all this nonsense I’m hearing about Melania Trump lying about having a university degree from Slovenia? Do you think the “corrupt media” is making up stories again like they do about the Donald? I heard it on Fox News.