Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to negotiate with the car dealership - NY Daily News

        Lots of people will tell you how well they did and how cheap they got it. "Went right to Charlie", they say.

        The simple truth on car deals from my observation is get what you want (need), and through research, come up with what you want to pay.

         Know your loan situation on your trade and realize if you're upside down or have mediocre credit, everything ends up worse.

          Don't get pressured to settle. Don't get roped into dealer installed stuff like rust proofing, etch, or the like.

          Also realize they are in business and have overhead so if you present reasonable numbers that favor you and stick to those numbers or come close, buy it and walk away happy as you got what you came for.

          People will ask what you paid. None of their business. They will all claim they could do better. Don't worry about it.

         Also factor in the relationship with the dealer for things like service. That's important.

          Better yet. Get to the age where you can pay cash, because not having that payment is a blessing.

How to negotiate with the car dealership - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

A lot's happened since you were in the car biz. They invented computers, the internet and ford started offering other colors besides black. That means you can shop across the entire country with a few keystrokes and never have to talk to anyone.

Of course the best way to buy a car is the same as the best way to do most things you want done, which is...find someone who is good at it and pay them to do it for you.

Anonymous said...

There are two factors to consider after the purchase of a car, house, boat or any other major item, can you afford it and are you happy with it.

Fact of life: someone will always get a better deal right after your purchase.

Anonymous said...

Fact of life: Its okay if someone gets a better deal than you on a car. The point is to make sure you buy better than the average guy does or else its more likely you can't afford it and never will be able to.